How to Get Started with Your 2020 Goals: Lessons on Time Management and Goal Setting from Myles Munroe.

One of the greatest men that have taught me the importance of planning is Myles Munroe. He digs deep into it and shares personal experiences not just theories.

Before I get to plan my year, I listen to his videos and get my mind attuned to what should be a plan for the new year.

I know folks who don’t believe in goals and planning especially in our continent flooded with a mindset that’s emotionally driven.

Yet, we see it that no one becomes an influence and a true success without goals and planning – written or not.

And I think that as a Nicheployee, you’ll need this to have a better 2020. So, what would Myles say?

Nicheployees distinguish themselves from other employees by having goals. Every employee is a goal setter. Even the employee who’s failing at life is setting goals to fail. For example, if you refuse to set a goal to read a book in 2019 and you didn’t, you’re actually successful.

Life is not just a matter of what you do. It’s also a matter of what you don’t do.

Life only changes when you change your goals. (I feel someone asking: What if someone is lucky?)

We fail not because we don’t set goals. We fail because we don’t set the goals for the things we desire to achieve. Wrong goals lead to wrong destination. (So, I want to be an author, do I spend most of my time designing clothes or practising how to write with writing

On the source of goals:

Our purpose and vision for life should direct the kinds of goals we set for ourselves. Success comes from the discipline of goal setting according to your purpose or vision. Purpose is the parent of goals.

(Myles made me to understand that every human has a purpose on earth and when you discover that purpose, it should drive your everyday living).

The only thing we’re given and is common to everyone is time. What you become is measured by how you use your time. You cannot stop a day. Time has no respect for you. But you can control it by planning it.

A New Year…

A new year is the passing of time.

A new year is an opportunity to refine your purpose.

A new year is an opportunity to redefine your life’s vision to see if you are still on course or you need to adjust.

A new year is an opportunity to reestablish worthwhile goals. A new year is an opportunity to bury the past and move into a new future. Time is either a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage it by having a plan for it.

Dealing with Time Daily

  • Document a plan for each day. Stepping out of the day in 2020 without a plan is a failure strategy.
  • Establish your priority. What should come first and what should come last? Will studying come after seeing a movie or vice versa?
  • Pursue your passion. Do you know nobody will ever use your passion and gifts for you? If you keep it, it’ll lie until you go for it.
  • Protect your plans and priority. Hmmm… Someone is asking: Can we see? Please get to know why. Get to know those who want to just hang around and do nothing so you can protect your plan from people’s interest.
  • Identify your value. Get to know what’s valuable to you. If you don’t, you’ll still waste 2020.
  • Make decisions based on your destiny. If you know where you want to go, design your time accordingly because everyone wants your time.
  • Inventory your associations. Which of your friends is truly advancing you to your vision? Which organization do you belong to that’s taking you closer to your life’s calling?
  • Review your investments. What are you spending your time on? Books? Chats? Movies? Idle talks?
  • Do not try to please everyone. You can’t make everyone happy. Do you know there are people you’re trying to please that don’t like you? Don’t seek for the approval of everyone.
  • Forget the past, pursue and design the future.

You have to sit down and design your year otherwise you’ll live someone else’s life. 2020 is so close and full of opportunities and challenges.

An ocean liner, as big as the titanic, will float on the sea to any direction until a captain comes in and controls it with the rudder.

2020 is like the ocean. Our lives is the ocean liner. Goals and plans are the captain and rudder.

The question? Where do you want your life to go to in 2020?