This is my Most Important Goal for 2020.

It occurred to me that if you focus on goals, you may hit goals – but that doesn’t guarantee growth. If you focus on growth, you’ll grow and always hit goals.

John Maxwell

I’ve studied so many of his books and I’ll recommend it for anyone who wants to master leadership especially in the work place.

Going through The 15 Laws of Growth, I saw where John Maxwell mentioned the differences between goal oriented individuals and growth oriented individuals. How did this happen?

He had a meeting with one of his mentors who asked him about his personal development plan. Instead, he started telling him how he’s planning to do this and do that and do this like we all do… I will get four more customers, I’ll get four more schools, I’ll hit my marketing target… bla bla bla…

In the course of the conversation it was so clear to John Maxwell that he just had goals but no personal development plan. He’s been a goal oriented person instead of a growth oriented person.

John Maxwell had to save money over a period of time, with his wife (this is a virtuous one really), to buy their first personal development program.

More than 45 years down the line, the difference is clear. He has sold more than 25 million copies of his books, a major with fortune 500 companies, a global leadership guru, trained millions of leaders round the world. You can visit his website here

This story alone gave me a new perspective of what my most important goal should be for every year including 2020.

But then, what are the DIFFERENCES between a goal oriented person and a growth oriented person?

  1. Destination VS Journey. With this, the growth oriented employee enjoys the entire moment and does not wait for someday like the goal oriented employee. For him, everyday counts.
  2. Motivation VS Maturation. If you want to mature, you’ll start living beyond mere motivations – whether you feel like or not, you’ll read that book, attend that training, do the PMP program…
  3. Seasonal VS Lifelong. This is why it’s important to have a defined career path. When you know where you’re going in your career, you take a lifelong decision and step. The growth oriented employee, sees longterm.
  4. Challenges VS Changes. Goals at it’s best challenges you. Although, for each goal you achieve, there’s an element of growth you attain. Yet, the mindset is different. Focusing on growth brings about changes. The last point explains this more…
  5. Stops after goal is attained VS Continues after goal is attained. This is the icing. There’s this death of drive or vibe that comes once we attain a goal. These footballers – Ronaldo and Messi – have exhibited this over and over again hat they are committed to growing than anything.

The same with you and me – if you focus on growth, you’ll become So Good They Can’t Ignore You. (By the way, that’s a book we’ll do in January, 2020.)

The growth focused employee has her eyes on the future. She wants to mature and not just get things. She wants to become.

And the truth is this, when you become, you possess the ability to produce anything you want at that level. You can also compare it collecting fish and knowing how to fish.

So, what’s my most important goal? My personal development. And that’s why I have a Personal Development Plan.

I’ll do a post on how to create a personal development plan by next month. I don’t just want to achieve goals, I want to grow in 2020.