4 Most Important Skills Every Nigerian Employer will Need in 2020.

In about 20 years’ time… jobs that are outside of making music or art are going to be computer programs. Everybody else is going to be pretty much obsolete.

Pulkit Jasiwal

Life is changing so fast that I can assure you that if you check your Google Play store now, you’ll see an app or apps that need update. You want to try?

In fact, if you updated a week ago, you’ll still have an app staring at you for update?


Change is ravaging everything around us. Whether you want it or not… In fact, if you don’t change, you’re left behind.

We’ve just spent six days plus in the start of a new decade. And see, if you have a job in Nigeria, there are about 500,000 graduates looking to take your job each year if you drop it.

I’ve been involved in recruiting engagements and I want to say this:

Your CV is not relevant if you’re not getting better.

And if you keep being the same, your employer (if he or she is visionary – civil servants are off it) will see you cheap if you don’t have these skills in 2020:

Good Digital Skills

My boss was just introduced to twitter recently. He knows about it but not fully engaged with it… have had android for more than five years now. Suddenly, it’s proving to be important.

From personal tweeting to organizational tweets, it’s now necessary to understand the twitter environment. We had to even hire someone to oversee that aspect.

Please note that this is beyond twitter. It’s about digital literacy. Can you blog? Can you create content? Can you drive traffic? Do you know how to program? If your boss have not talked about this with you, get ready. You’ll hear it soon!

Continuous Creativity

As an employee, it’s not been easy for me to keep up with the pace. Yet, I’ve made sure that something new comes up every season.

For example, the structure of our content for training just changed. Since I do training with teens, I had to adjust it completely. I added smileys 😀😄 to it. And the students are enjoying it… Also started training secondary students who run businesses and NGOs. And it’s been fun.

Relationship Skill

Two things are involved here – relating with your coworkers and relating with your customers.

If you don’t know how to relate, forget it.
Your employer or boss might not tell you but when you default in assignments because you are not a team player, your job might be at stake.

Problem Solving Skills

Why do you think you’re employed? Although, some folks think that it’s because of their beauty… Yet, that beauty must solve problems o otherwise you’ll be out…

This is linked to creativity but different. One can be creative without solving problems.

So, don’t just be creative. Let that creativity be tied to solving problems.

As you enter 2020, get trained in these skills so you can offer more value to your organization and make yourself mor valuable too.