Africa and the Future of Work: Understanding the Gig Economy – Part 2.

The four necessities for thriving in the gig economy…


People fail, said one of the writers they interviewed, because they don’t create a space and time to do whatever it is they need to do.

This is so insightful in the need to get to a place where you will be focused. Thanks to office spaces that are available for situations like this.

I was speaking with a colleague the other day and she told me of the structure, Genesys Tech Hub in Enugu, Nigeria, (whose CEO is Kingsley Eze) is creating. I’ve been there myself and it’s a good space for the gig worker. You can come there and work at a fee in a nice work space.

All tools you need for the tech thing is there. Someone else can choose a cool restaurant, that’s reserved.

The point is get a place for your work.


In organizations, routines are often associated with safety or boring bureaucracy. However, a growing body of research has shown that elite athletes, scientific geniuses, popular artists, and even everyday workers use routines to enhance focus and performance. The professionals we spoke with tend to rely on them in the same way.

Gianpiero Petriglieri, Susan J. Ashford and Amy Wrzesniewski

Your routine will decide how effective you will be even as a gig worker. Be regular, Gustave Flaubert said, and orderly in your life, so that you can be violent and original in your work.

Having a routine gives control too. You plan your time. You know the things to do. It’s almost like the life of an entrepreneur.


The trio said about what gig workers during their research: Purpose creates a bridge between their personal interests and motivations and a need in the world.

It’s simple. To do well in this gig workosystem, you need to connect to your why. Perhaps you would want to read Start With Why by Simon Sinek.


If you browse through the pros and cons of the gig economy, you’ll see that one of the downside of the gig economy is the isolation it creates.

Humans are social creatures. Don’t stay alone. Find people to connect with. Find people who are into your thing. If you’re in Lagos, get to visit the civic centre, a bar or other hangout places like innovation hubs coming up.

You might want to do your break in a mall so you can talk business as you make contact.

The gigism is here to stay. From Abuja to Accra, there’s going to be, sorry, there’s already a shift in the way we work.

The question is: Are African employees ready for this? Especially fresh graduates…

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