7 Ways You Can Access the Minds of Role Models Who are Far From You.

It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow

John Maxwell

We have always confused the two words – mentor and role model. We mix them together always but in clearer terms, a mentor is someone you have physical access to and who can guide you on something while a role model is someone you admire from a afar.

The question now is, how do I access men and women who are far from me but inspire greatness in me?

I’ve been learning this first hand and I feel I need to share what I’ve experienced so far.

The first key is…

  • Get Their Books

This is by far the easiest to do. Thanks to Amazon both for the ebooks and hard copies.

Few days ago, I was going through a post online and I saw list of books to help you become a better writer. Instantly, I had to visit a site where I get free ebooks from. As I did, I saw most of the books I needed and sure I downloaded them.

Just like that! 👌

I might not see the authors, but I have their ideas at my reach.

  • Search And Follow Their Blogs

I love Jeff Goins because I can access his blog on writing secrets.

Go to google homepage or any browser and type the blog of (the name of the person you’re looking for).

Is the blog important?

I bet you. For some of them, they write and post weekly. So, you can harvest their thoughts from there just with a click. It’s amazing!


  • Subscribe To Their Youtube Channels

If you’re not the text person like me, just hit youtube.com and then search for the person’s name. If you see their channel (not always for all) you can subscribe and get notifications every time a video is uploaded.


  • Download Other Videos About Them from Other YouTube Channels.

This is option two to the previous.

Whether you subscribe or not, you can also download their videos from other channels.

For this option, you don’t necessarily need to find their channel. What I do here is I search the person’s name and download the videos I see that interests me the most.

  • Podcast

Try this again: Go to Google and type podcast of (the name of the person you’re looking for) or podcast by (the name of the person you’re looking for).

And boom!… instantly you’ll see results. Sometimes you might not see what you want but most times you will if they have done any.

Podcast can help if you feel getting the video is cumbersome. And you can listen to podcast on your way to work without the feel of missing the video graphics.

  • Register For Their Online Training Or One On One Mentoring Session

Webinars? Yes. Live sessions? Yes. I’ve done this countless times. This can be so transforming. You get to listen to the person in real time. You read it well – real time and even ask questions.

I’ve followed a live webinar by Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and the author of Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind, T. Harv Eker and mhen, it was phenomenal!

  • Follow Their Social Media Handles

I like to follow especially their Twitter and Facebook handles. For Instagram, I also do but not as quick as for Facebook and twitter.

Access has been granted to anyone that wants to improve, whether you want to learn from Uganda or Libya or Zimbabwe or Togo, you have access.

And what does this mean?

No room for mediocrity. No one has an excuse to do things without global standards. You might not get there one day but you can start the journey with any of these.

I hope you’ll start to learn from your role models today through any of these means and if you have other means, you can also share with us.