Why employees don’t earn extra money.

They don’t believe…

… they can earn money apart from their salary.

I am an employee and so I understand this so well. We only see our bosses as our source of income and that is wrong. Really wrong.

Now that you’re at home and maybe your work is not remote, what do you do?

… they don’t need extra time to make extra money.

Last month was the first time I got an extra source of income that is more stable.

Did it take more time?Not really significant. I had to adjust by maximizing my breaks and making my time more useful. It’s actually an advantage.

… their next source of money is in their current source of money.

Do you believe it?

Well, I do. And I’ve experienced it.

If you put aside 20% of your current income into an investment, that is a good start.

What about consciously building a system online, just like I’ve been doing for the past six months with this blog?

The extra income I got last month was as a result of buying more data to build this blog and then using it as an extra source of income.

You can put aside a part of your current income for investment and stop waiting for a big bang money theory to hit you.

… the number of extra sources of money their current source of money can create is limitless.

Just like the point above. I’m sure you can’t quantify how far I will get to with this blog.

Do you have limits to ideas?

I don’t think so.

If you can work one or two of those ideas you’ll see yourself creating miracles.

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… they can live without their salary.

Let me confess: I’ve not tried this yet, but I’ll try it soon. I know I need it and you too. A friend recommended it to me at the beginning of the year.

How do I know this is possible?

After our meeting with my boss, it was so clear that there will be no April salary.

What does that mean?

I’d have to live without that same salary for the month of April. And sure, my head is working so fast on that now.

How to survive without a salary.

You can try it this way:

Use three months salary to prepare for it. Plan and buy the things you need. And then tell your boss to keep the salary for the fourth and fifth months send the salary to a controlled bank account. See what will happen next...

Suddenly, your mind will reset. It’s a promise and you’ll begin to think of other sources of income.

And that’s why I like the next point:

… that one of the fastest ways to increase their productivity is to begin to think of how to earn more money outside their current jobs.

Very true.

When a friend suggested I postpone the payment of my salary for a month or two, instantly, my head started thinking of extra source of income.


Crises bumps us out of our comfort zone into our creative zone.

John Maxwell

In this case you’re creating the crises yourself. And if it makes you better it’s not a crises.

… they don’t have to leave their job to earn more money.

For some, they might want to. However, I’m telling you that you don’t have to.

So what do you do?

Go online. Get online jobs. That’s why the internet is very important at this point and creating your online presence too.

8 Ways to Make Money Online Without Quitting Your Day Job.

7 Steps to Earning More now Without Leaving Your Job.

This might take extra time from you at first but with time you will adjust. See the next point…

… they can build a system or invest in a system to earn more money.

With this, you don’t have to work extra time. Initially, when you’re building a system, it takes time, but once it’s done, it runs on its own with little adjustments per time in form of maintenance.

For the aspect of investment, your money goes into a system and then you allow it yield by understanding the dynamics and learning about the system on the go.

… their ability to earn now is enough evidence that they can earn more.

This is to encourage you that you can actually earn more. It’s no big deal. If you can earn now then you can earn more now.

Don’t limit yourself on what you can earn. All you need to earn more is within your reach and the greatest asset you need to earn more is a change of mindset.

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