Africa and the Future of Work | What if you need a career transition?

Jobs are going.

Covid-19 is slamming businesses down.

The economy is crying.

What will you do?

Do you think you need career transition? If you do, how are you going to go about it?

I’ve got you covered. I don’t have that expertise yet. However, I know where you can get it from.

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  1. Why Grit Is So Important For Career Transitions And How To Get It
  2. Embrace The Fear Of Career Transition
  3. What Professional Sports Can Teach Us About Career Transitions
  4. How A Forced Career Transition Can Take You To The Next Level
  5. Crush Career Transitions, In Just Ten Minutes A Week
  6. Five Benefits Of Enlisting Help During A Career Transition
  7. Three Things To Consider When Making A Late Career Transition
  8. What You Need To Do Before Making A Major Career Transition

Read. Enjoy and remember to stay safe.

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