8 Ways Employees Can Earn in this Covid-19 Lockdown.

April 2020, is the first month I’ll stay without receiving salary earning from my boss. It’s terrible, but I’ve learnt the lesson the hard way.

I’m glad I’m making changes too. And you can. You can earn even in the cave-19 lockdown.

If you’re crying in this lockdown it is not your employer’s fault. It is your fault to a larger extent though.

While I know it’s not easy to survive, I believe that covered-19 has shown us how our world is and has changed completely.

For me, I was able to do my first online training last week. And guess what? That cash has carried me for a while. Although, I have a commitment to make my students get the real deal too.

For you as an employee, what are you waiting for?

NB: This is no time to say you’re not the online person. You don’t like online and all those self-denials we use to run away from personal responsibility.

Help ya sef with any of these:

  • Content Creation

You can earn by typing content jobs on Google. You will see a lot. If you’re fortunate, a company can hire you to write on their blog in this season. But you’ll have to know something about that niche.

So, I advice you look for writing jobs in the niche you have knowledge.

  • Editing jobs

You can also earn by editing works. Not necessarily creating from scratch. How do I get this?

Go online and type editing jobs and your journey begins.

  • Social Media Marketing

This is one reason you need a good online presence. They’ll need testimonial most times and I’d you can’t give any… Buy just try. You never can tell.

Do this: search for social media marketing jobs on google.

  • Coding

Is this too high?

Well, for some persons.

I started learning coding two or three weeks ago. You might not like this. But coding is the future of work. If you don’t know that by now then you’re late.

And the earnings in coding can be higher. Yes. If you feel you can’t do this then start a class on it.

  • Translating

Can you speak a different language like French or Spanish or Portuguese? There are jobs waiting for you. You can even use sites that translate to translate for you.

How again? (I can hear your heart asking that)… Google it. And you’ll see results.

  • Graphic Design

From Adobe apps – both on PCs and mobile, you can go for a graphic design job you an earn some dollars.

Or maybe you’ll need to understand these apps first and then apply.

Can you see how we limit ourselves sometimes?

I use Adobe Spark Post for my designs and it’s a mobile app. You too can.

  • Website building

Just like coding, there’s good earning in website building. It is a part of coding.

In about one week, several persons have asked me about building a website. That means it is a good source of earning.

  • User Testing

There are apps that several companies make and they want certain persons to test run them before they are launched. You can do that and get some earnings.

  • Teach online

This will turn you around. In fact, I recommend you do this. It will help you after the covid-19 lockdown.

Lots of organizations are using this and will continue. Perhaps, you’ll teach your colleagues in the office when you resume.

Don’t just sit and watch, especially, if your employer is not having any plans for you.

Do something with your life and your time. More updates coming in for you.

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