Surviving Post-Covid-19: Start learning about your customer

Have you heard it that the customer pays the bills, not your company or your boss?

If you don’t understand my view of this you’ll think I’m suggesting you be disloyal to your organization. But that’s far from the truth.

The reason I write is to help employees, who love their field or industry to create a personal brand in that industry.

If you love it, then you’ll give your best to it. Right? Including your organization.

Let’s see Anita’s life.

She works with a bank. She’s a cashier. She’s been doing this for about five years. After a while, she had a particular problem that her customers kept on complaining about. Being a loyal staff, she explained to her superior after each encounter with another customer.

However, it seemed as though no one was listening. Suddenly, she surfs the internet and sees that there is a service that can be built to help solve this problem. (This happened after she asked to find a solution to this problem.)

Anita gets home that night. Carries her research and decides to quit her job in four months. In those four months, 50% of her salary was dedicated to registering a business and creating a website to run the business.

What do you think about this?

Well, not all employers will like this. But I tell you the truth, a wise one will allow Anita do her thing and even consult her to teach her colleagues the same thing.

Or in another situation… The covid-19 situation. Some persons have been sacked. Now that’s not my pain. My pain is that most employees don’t know their customer. So as they leave the company, they go looking for jobs again.

What happened to the five years you spent there?

What is wrong with your reasoning?

You get the gist?

We have fully entered the customer economy. Help your organization serve the customers, also open your eyes and brain to know them.

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