Should I leave my job because I don’t have a WHY?

Our book review, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, showed us the importance of having a WHY in our work or career life.

Yet, we know that not many persons have have discovered their WHY.

Now, the question is this: Should I leave my job because I don’t have a why?

Well, my answer is no.

You don’t have to. Not yet, at least.

Someone might tell you to leave but please don’t.


I’m in a Job that does not Really use my Skills. What Should I Do?

As an employee, instead of leaving, start the process of discovering your WHY.

This pandemic lockdown can be a time gift that you can use for that journey. Begin the process.

You might want to see Simon’s two books: Start With WHY and Find Your WHY. Or better still, listen to these videos:


Let the process start. Remember this quote from yesterday:

Finding WHY is a process of discovery not invention.

While you go through the process, keep giving your best to that job.

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