Be distracted: The new secret to gaining back your focus.

After church, one day, I was so worried about how distracting social media has made life tough for me.

It goes like this:

I wake up. I get my phone.

After a while, I get the silent noise of a chat. And I tell myself, let’s check it.

You know that fell right?

Your heart just tells you, hmmm… we will be here for the next two hours.

But your hands are like don’t worry. We will leave as soon as possible.

This leaves as soon as possible is coming up after you’ve spent an hour plus.

What a heck! You hold your head.

And guess what?

You’ve not checked the most important things for that day.

“Now what do I do, ?” you ask yourself.

Well, let’s check it now yourself lies again to you.

And boom! another dropping time goes off.

My dear, 🚫 it.

It’s time to get distracted so that you can be focused.

We cannot live without social media as it were.

Yes, that’s where we live. That’s its address.

Your Facebook page is becoming more important than the rent you’re paying for your physical shop.

And you know it.

So instead of shouting and crying and feeling bad, you know what I’ve decided to do?

I will create time to be distracted.


And it’s helped me.

So, I come online by 8 am. Still trying to stabilize it.

Stay till 9 am.

And then leave.

Wait until noon or so and do another distraction.

Why does it work?

It works because my head knows that it will on social media so that rush gets down.

Though in the beginning, it’s not easy. But as you try it out, you’ll see that your time becomes more productive and not wasted.

Can you try it?

Just be distracted.

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