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Africa and the Future of Work: Now You Can Learn About the SDGs (and How You Can Contribute to it) in 15mins.

I saw this yesterday morning and I was so excited. It’s a platform that’s dedicated to serve the business community, enhancing collaboration on how to achieve the SDGs.

As a person who loves learning, I couldn’t help but visit the site and make it available to you.

It’s a lovely initiative by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

A 2019 survey of over 11,000 global CEOs undertaken by Accenture and the UN Global Compact found that, while 71% of CEOs understand that business has a critical role in contributing to the SDGs, only 21% believe that their organizations are currently fulfilling this role. For the SDGs to be realized it will be important to close this gap and help companies to fulfill their potential to drive SDG impact on the road to 2030.

The worrisome data above is part of the trigger for this platform.

What is in for me? Who is this designed for? Check the lists below and trust me, you’ll see how useful this is.

1. CEO Guide to the SDGs

For CEOs and those involved in the private sector. This is a place for you to get insights on how to play your role using your business as a tool to make the SDHs a reality.

2. SDG Sector Roadmap Guidelines

What sector of economy are you in? From chemical to forestry, this package creates a step by step process that will enable each sector to participate in the SDG journey.

3. SDG Business Hub

This is targeted at businesses to help with latest tools and easy guides on applying principles suited to supporting the SDGs.

4. The Good Life Goals

Several global partners including the UN, 10YFP and others put this together so that anyone can get simple actions that can be taken to realize the SDGs.

Remember, the world is our responsibility. And what we want to see in it will be created by us.

Count Down to World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020.

You want to know what it feels like to be at Davis, Switzerland…? And before you make a feel that you don’t need this, I want you to think about this:

Global leaders are coming to discuss what is affecting you and your business and your work.

If you see it that way, you’ll get ready for the edition. And you can follow through via live stream. Take a look at a preview of last year’s session:


Before each event kicks off, there’s the welcoming of attenders from all works of life.

The Welcome Address

Achieving a Single Market in Africa

The President of African Development Bank (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesina speaking in a session.

China Economic Outlook

The World will stand still as more than 500 global experts will converge at Davos from 21 – 24 of January, 2020 to discuss 7 different themes that affects the world we live in.

  • Fairer Economies
  • Better Business
  • Healthy Futures
  • Future of Work
  • Tech for Good
  • Beyond Geopolitics
  • How to Save the Planet

These will be the themes for this year’s forum with 150 webcast sessions. It’s going to be fun and intriguing.

I know we have a bias about global leaders keeping to their promises. Yet, it’s still our responsibility to do what we can to make contributions to the world while we are here.

You can catch up with the live updates or listen to the videos later. But be rest assured, we’ll keep you updated here.

7 Steps to Grow in an Organization that Does not Inspire Personal Growth.

Worker thinking of how to grow personally.
Worker Thinking

I love Robin Sharma’s words! Let’s look at this:

“The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development.”

I know how it feels when you graduate from highschool and then you’re fortunate enough to be part of the 25% who gain admission. You run through lectures like a mouse in the rat race.

Present you project. Graduate. Get to work in a firm, after looking for the kind of job you want that does not exist… And suddenly, your organization is not growing you. Awkward feel right? Correct?

Well, wrong. Real wrong! It’s you that’s not growing. That will be a talk for another day. “But what if my organization is not looking towards staff development, how can I still grow?” you might ask. That’s a better question.


It’s called Personal growth, not general growth. So, it’s in your hands. Right until graduation from college, everything or 80% of what we learn is controlled by the school curriculum. Well, outside that four corner room, you either learn how to learn or fade out!

Steps Grass GIF by A24 - Find & Share on GIPHY

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So, take a look at these 7 steps that can accelerate your personal growth even when HR would not budget for new trainings or new books or new tours. 😉
1. Have a personal why. Why would two young fellows start work as cleaners in an organization and after 5 years, one ends up as a regional manager while the other still a front desk officer? To understand this more, read this Purpose is Life-Changing. Find Your Why.
2. Read a book or take a course online. Ask yourself this simple question: what do I want to master? What do I want to be known for? What niche do I want to build?

If you’ve defined it, then, what books can you read on those subjects? What course can you take online? There are many sites to get free ebooks online and then for courses, I use edX. Check out this online courses for more.
3. Listen to the best guys. In a typical work environment, there are those who just want to talk and talk away their lives as well as yours. Hey, don’t allow them to. Notice I didn’t say, don’t relate. No!

Sometimes we confuse being able to have friends in the work place and being intentional about our lives. Remember this, you’re the average of the five persons you spend your time with. Think about it.

So, why not get YouTube videos or podcast of the leaders in your industry and listen to them.
4. Offer to do more than what you’re paid to do. Why do we hate more work but love more money? Well, I guess, I’m in same category! Yeah, I am. But then, I’ve learnt this first hand. There’s something you might not learn fast and better until you get into it, whether you’re ready or not.

What if you volunteer to work on a project? What if you join another department to do one or two things? Now see, some folks will laugh at you. And if you’re not focused, you’ll loose it.

Help your organization create a charity. Manage it. Maybe for free. However, make sure you’re kin on your primary assignment as well.
5. Always take out time to reflect on your progress. Yeah, this is where the LOBALOFOLINO principle comes in. Why? When you reflect from time to time, you’re able to know where you are, what you’ve done and what you need to do…

As we go on in life, we tend to loose guard of our direction. Sometimes, just stop and reflect. That might be all you need for clarity.
6. Set personal goals. Nothing fires you more than setting goals. What determines how your colleagues in the office work is most times driven by what they have set to achieve. So, dust those goals you have and look at them again. To learn how to set goals, see this: setting goals.
7. WDYT. I reserve this for you to think about another way, because you’re smart. So, it’s called #WDYT – #whatdoyouthink?

Remember, no one owes you personal growth. And this is the most important part of work just as Jim Rohn puts it:

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.