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8 Ways Employees Can Earn in this Covid-19 Lockdown.

April 2020, is the first month I’ll stay without receiving salary earning from my boss. It’s terrible, but I’ve learnt the lesson the hard way.

I’m glad I’m making changes too. And you can. You can earn even in the cave-19 lockdown.

If you’re crying in this lockdown it is not your employer’s fault. It is your fault to a larger extent though.

While I know it’s not easy to survive, I believe that covered-19 has shown us how our world is and has changed completely.

For me, I was able to do my first online training last week. And guess what? That cash has carried me for a while. Although, I have a commitment to make my students get the real deal too.

For you as an employee, what are you waiting for?

NB: This is no time to say you’re not the online person. You don’t like online and all those self-denials we use to run away from personal responsibility.

Help ya sef with any of these:

  • Content Creation

You can earn by typing content jobs on Google. You will see a lot. If you’re fortunate, a company can hire you to write on their blog in this season. But you’ll have to know something about that niche.

So, I advice you look for writing jobs in the niche you have knowledge.

  • Editing jobs

You can also earn by editing works. Not necessarily creating from scratch. How do I get this?

Go online and type editing jobs and your journey begins.

  • Social Media Marketing

This is one reason you need a good online presence. They’ll need testimonial most times and I’d you can’t give any… Buy just try. You never can tell.

Do this: search for social media marketing jobs on google.

  • Coding

Is this too high?

Well, for some persons.

I started learning coding two or three weeks ago. You might not like this. But coding is the future of work. If you don’t know that by now then you’re late.

And the earnings in coding can be higher. Yes. If you feel you can’t do this then start a class on it.

  • Translating

Can you speak a different language like French or Spanish or Portuguese? There are jobs waiting for you. You can even use sites that translate to translate for you.

How again? (I can hear your heart asking that)… Google it. And you’ll see results.

  • Graphic Design

From Adobe apps – both on PCs and mobile, you can go for a graphic design job you an earn some dollars.

Or maybe you’ll need to understand these apps first and then apply.

Can you see how we limit ourselves sometimes?

I use Adobe Spark Post for my designs and it’s a mobile app. You too can.

  • Website building

Just like coding, there’s good earning in website building. It is a part of coding.

In about one week, several persons have asked me about building a website. That means it is a good source of earning.

  • User Testing

There are apps that several companies make and they want certain persons to test run them before they are launched. You can do that and get some earnings.

  • Teach online

This will turn you around. In fact, I recommend you do this. It will help you after the covid-19 lockdown.

Lots of organizations are using this and will continue. Perhaps, you’ll teach your colleagues in the office when you resume.

Don’t just sit and watch, especially, if your employer is not having any plans for you.

Do something with your life and your time. More updates coming in for you.

Stop Looking for Money. This is Where to Find it.


Good morning from Enugu, Nigeria… It’s a lovely day. The panic is rising yet we know that that’s not the solution to coronavirus. We need to take precautionary measures as well as guard our hearts just like King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23:

Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. NIV

And thanks to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words:

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.

For today, we’ll shortly look at various hidden points of money. Money is not far. It’s close but the eyes can’t see it until the mind captures it.

Whenever we talk about how to make money, there are persons who feel so bitter that they’ve not made the amount they want. And most times, it feels like they cannot.

I was listening to an audio few days ago and I got this list which I feel will help someone begin to see where he or she can find that money.

Mind Blown GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


When you are hungry, and you get into the closest restaurant to you, what do you do? You pay off course and then eat. Why? Your hunger is the problem. The food they have is the solution. Your money leaves you to the restaurant so you can eat.

So how do they get money? They are solving the problem of hunger.

Gifts and potentials

This things sound simple but profound if you put it to work. Gifts and potentials are basically the abilities – both natural and acquired – that you have and can be used to create value. A writer writes. A painter paints. A footballer plays football.

For each of these display of gift, depending on the excellence of the display, money comes to the person. Simple!


Most times this is hidden. It requires little more thinking or thinking differently. When you go online and type job vacancy, you’ll see thousands of opportunities. If you get any, money begins to roll in.

Another view of opportunity is a need. Look around you and begin to ask yourself, what are persons closest to me in need of? If you remove that need, money flows to you.

Loop Success GIF by Matthew Butler - Find & Share on GIPHY


Another real big source of money.

I don’t believe there’s no one that has never gotten an idea. I don’t believe. If you have any idea, with wise and adequate actions put into it, lots of money will flow to you.

Sometimes the ideas might just be a flash. It mustn’t be that you’ve seen a problem first or an opportunity first. It can just be a thought and that’s it.

Goods and services (products)

Let me ask you: What are you producing everyday? Can people come to you to get something that is valuable? It’s only father Christmas and our relatives who give us money for barely no reason.

If you make something that is useful, people will buy. Yes, it might start small but keep at it.


Are you employed or self employed? I’m sure at the end of the day or week or month depending on how you earn, money gets into your pocket.

When you work, you earn. Simple!

So, whenever you’re thinking of money! money!!! money!!! think about these things:

  • What problem(s) can I solve now?
  • What gifts and potentials do I have?
  • What opportunities are around me that I can maximise?
  • What ideas do I have that’s not yet implemented?
  • What goods and services can I offer?
  • Where can I work so I can earn?

Again, remember to stay safe. You can learn about the coronavirus safety measures on

And most importantly, don’t allow fear to ravage your mind.

Africa and the Future of Work: How we Work and Earn is Changing. Are You Ready for this Disruption?

  • And this shows how work has changed – how production and exchange of goods & services have changed over time. It is the future of work versus the future of earning.
  • There are few persons that have the privilege of earning sufficiently from just a job.
  • Even in the midst of coronavirus, there are persons whose earnings are not going to be affected so much.

From reports yesterday and few days ago, Norwegian Airline said it would lay off up to 50% of its employees across all department, British Airways boss tells staff members that jobs will go and Employees in China visa service leave.

The figures are staggering. Nations are shutting down. The school system is not left out. Just few days ago, it was reported that secondary schools in certain states of Nigeria will shut down.

Coming back from work (a secondary school, where I work as a Life coach) yesterday, I went to get few things in a grocery store and I heard customers talking about how one of the most popular online betting website in Africa, bet9ja, has not been yielding much for bettors.


Football leagues around the world are on corona-break for safety. No one is playing. No one is watching. Therefore, few to none are betting.

However, I don’t think that the virtual version of the bet is totally down as virtual bets can be done with or without live matches.

And this shows how work has changed – how production and exchange of goods & services have changed over time. It is the future of work versus the future of earning.

My question is: Are you ready for that future? Are you building the structures needed for that future? How are you going to utilize this time of disruption as you work remotely?

Amongst other ways, these three can kick start your thinking in that direction.

1. Build an online business.

Despite the effects of the virus on the betting websites, it dawned on me there’s virtual betting. If the real Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing, PS4 CR7 can never contact coronavirus. Never!

For those who have such platforms, more cashflow is the case while they wait for the real players to come on live.

So, do you have any plans for building value online? See this post: 12 Ways you can absolutely make money online.

2. Have multiple streams of income.

One of the best advice I’ve received on creating multiple streams of income is this:

(Thanks to Shay K on Pinterest for sharing).

There are few persons that have the privilege of earning sufficiently from just a job. Follow this advice and I think you’ll be better for it. You can also read this too: How to build multiple streams of income.

3. Lifelong learning.

Devashish Chakravarty, on the Economic Times, calls it Renew and Grow. He said,

Tough times are ideal for investing in yourself and growing rapidly as a professional… your employer will be glad if you can deliver more value.”

And if she’s glad, wouldn’t she keep you?

Jim Rohn will tell you that

Even in the midst of coronavirus, there are persons whose earnings are not going to be affected so much. There are others who are also not afraid of being asked to stop work by their employer.


They have systems that can sustain them for as long as possible.

Show love to those around you by staying safe first and helping them stay safe. Visit for more on coronavirus.

Friday Book Review with Chuks | The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.

One of the best books I’ve read about personal growth is this. In fact, it’s like a ritual for me to read it before each year starts.

I’ll share few of the laws and insights from the book and if you need it, you can oder for it here.

  • The Law of Intentionality – Growth doesn’t just happen. Waking up and sleeping daily might require no much work but personal growth is different.
  • The Law of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself. In essence, if your colleague in the office goes for a training on content creation yours might be for public speaking, ending what you know you need.
  • The Law of the Mirror – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. Don’t you think this might be the reason you’ve not bought those books… you don’t think you deserve it?!
  • The Law of Reflection – Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you. Just think about it.
  • The Law of Environment – Growth thrives in conducive surroundings. Your company can inspire growth in you or dissuade you from growing.

  • The Law of the Rubber Band – Growth stops when you loose the tension between where you are and where you could be. Hmmm… Are you too comfortable in First Bank that you don’t want to grow again?
  • The Law of Tradeoffs – You have to give up to grow up. Anywhere you want to grow, you must be ready to sacrifice something or else…!
  • The Law of Modelling – It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow. Even self made billionaires receive inspiration from others – dead or alive.
  • The Law of the Ladder – Character Growth determines the height of your personal growth.
  • The Law of Contribution – Growing yourself enables you to grow others.

Lots of quotes to look at but then we can just look at these:

“A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.” Bruce Springsteen

“No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.” James Russell Lowell

“Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempt to display qualities which he does not possess.” Samuel Johnson

“You cannot win if you do not begin. The people who get ahead in the world are the ones who look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them they make them.” John Maxwell

“Most of the accomplishments I’ve achieved in life I began to attempt before I was really ready.” John Maxwell

“If you put a small value on yourself rest assured the world will not raise the price.” John Maxwell

“There are things in life that you have to work for and there are things you have to wait for.” Anonymous

“The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he working.” Ernest Newman

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment you first find yourself in.” Mark Caine

“God’s gift to us: potential. Our gift to God: developing it.” Unknown

And now the part I love the most… Better is a wise question than an array of unsolicited answers.

  • Do you think you’ll wake up one day in 2020 and notice that you’re a footballer without training?
  • Are there TEDx videos you need to listen to as get more insight into public speaking?
  • What apps are you downloading for 2020 because you know you need them to grow?
  • Do you think the place you live now is inspiring you to dream bigger? What if you begin to spend time at Kilimanjaro restaurant once in a week?
  • Who is the best in your field in Lagos or Enugu or in any state in Nigeria?
  • Can you book an appointment to meet with the person in 2020?
  • Are there personal projects you’ll undertake in 2020 to stretch you beyond your comfort zone? (Open that manuscript again and complete the book…)

  • Are there books you need to read in 2020? (Am actually going through that now and into 2020.)
  • Are you worth a training of N40,000? If yes, what if you go for a Project Management training in 2020?
  • What certification does your organization requires for you to be promoted?
  • Who would you want to help grow in 2020? (Remember, wing yourself will help you grow other.)
  • What did you fear the most in 2019? How can you break that in 2020?

The truth is this: life does not get better with time and that includes 2020. It only gets better by choice.


I’ve always loved Robert Kiyosaki. Why? He’s the first man whose books taught me about career, business and money like a sandwich.

He’s got the experience. He knows what he’s saying and I wish most teachers will be like him.

How can a teacher teaching accounting or any business subject have no personal business? That’s what we have in our schools today.

However, let’s focus on those who are nicheployees… Those who love their jobs or careers but want to learn how to build a personal brand in that career. This book will do you lots of good.

So, let’s ride in our usual style: 12 points, 12 quotes and 12 questions. Remember to share it!


1. School, good grades and a good job is not a guarantee for financial freedom.

2. Your knowledge of how money work controls how much you earn not necessarily the salary you earn.

3. There are four ways we can earn money – as an employee or a self employed or a business owner or an investor. Learn how to earn from the four quadrants.

4. Money is not a paper thing. Money is a mind thing. If your mind is not trained to see money, it will not see it.

5. Nobody owes you financial freedom, including your boss. It is something you must go for intentionally.

6. God has made each person with a unique package to be rich but we don’t. (This is one reasons I like this book. It acknowledges that the riches we’re seeking is already in us as seeds – abilities, talents, vision…)

7. Trying to stay safe is the risk of the 21st century. There’s no safety in being redundant.

8. Your ability to have mentors will enhance how fast your success comes.

9. Try things you’ve not done before. In school, making mistakes is highly prohibited. In life, trying and failing faster is one of the secrets to success.

10. Passion builds business not fear. So, if you have a business you want to go for, get into it and do the right work. One day, it’ll pay off.

11. Building a business is different from selling a product. Don’t just have a product, build a system around it.

12. You don’t need a regular job to have good life. Note: He’s not telling you to leave your job or stay. All he’s saying is there is life outside having a job and you can survive it if you want to and are ready to learn how.

(Think about these points and see how you can apply them to yourself.)


It is not being homeless that matters,” my rich dad said. “It’s about who you are. Keep striving and you become somebody. Quit and you also become somebody … but not the same person.

Professionals have coaches. Amateurs do not.

If you are a true investor, it does not matter if the markets are going up or coming down. A true investor does well in any market condition.

If money is not first in your head, it won’t stick to your hands.

The reason so many people fail to achieve success is because they fail to fail enough times.

Savers are losers.

To me, one of the primary reasons E’s and S’s have difficulty moving to the B and I side is because they are too afraid of making mistakes. (You won’t understand this if you don’t read this.)

My rich dad used to say to his son and me that the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do in their spare time.

In the Information Age, the people who work the hardest physically will be paid the least. It is already true today and has been true throughout history.

… that you have everything you need right now to be successful financially. All it takes to bring out your natural, God-given gifts is your desire, determination, and a deep faith that you have a genius and a gift that is unique.

… mentor is someone who has already done what you want to do and is successful at doing it. Don’t find an advisor. An advisor is someone who tells you how to do it but may not have personally done it.

Thinking is the hardest work there is. That is why so few people engage in it.

Hmmm… As I write these, the quote number 12 resonates so much for me.

The last but I consider it the most important are the 12 QUESTIONS:

• Which of the quadrants do I earn most of my money from now? (Again you won’t understand this if you’ve not read that previous link.)

• Which of these quadrants do I want to belong to and why?

• What two books can I begin to read from December 2019 to get the knowledge I need to enter that quadrant?

• Whose videos can I download on YouTube today to begin to listen to enhance my learning?

• Is this nicheployee blog really helping me get better?

• What businesses have I been thinking of doing since?

• Do I have the business name yet?

• How can I learn to build systems around the products I sell already?

• Who can I meet physically to begin to mentor me on this business thing from 2020 even if it means paying him or her?

• What if I finish the book I started, publish it and sell? Will it add extra income to me?

• What talent do I have that I’m ignoring and not giving attention to?

• Which of Robert Kiyosaki’s books or materials can I begin to consume to understand this better?

At this point, I choose to say nothing more. I think I need this post more.

Enjoy your day!

Wait… Don’t eat alone. Click your share button now! 😊😀

7 Steps to Earning More Without Leaving Your Job.

Employee trying to work to earn more.
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Why do we keep looking for more money? Will salary increase make us have all our needs met? How much will you be earning to stop looking for more money?

She’s been my friend for a while. I know she loves what she does. Banking has been a dream for her since secondary school. Finally, she graduated and started working in a bank in Lagos.

As we had our normal chat that morning, her face was glummy. So I asked her, “What’s the matter?” She looked at me and said we had to sit down to discuss this.

Source of Image:

So we got into Kilimanjaro – the restaurant that’s teaching Africans how to be at home with foreign dishes and other local spices.

Bimbo was earning about ₦90,000. Yet, for a while, she’s not been promoted but Deji, who came in with her just got promoted few weeks ago and the babe is looking for a way to earn more.

Although, she told me, “Chuks, I don’t want to leave this job. I love banking. But I want more money.”

So, we conversed over a meal. First, I told her:

1. Learn to manage the money you have now.

See what Erik Wecks said in his book How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

Financial stability is much more about doing the best with what you have and not about achieving a certain level of income.

She looked at me and was like, “I don’t get. I said I need more and you’re….” So I continued.

I told her that when I got my first job, I was earning about ₦15,000 or so. In my mind I thought if I had an increase I’d stop borrowing money before the month runs out. (And this is the mindset of many folks.) After few months, I had another job paying me 30,000.

Guess what happened?

Exactly what my economics teacher told me in class – Parkinson’s law of increase income = increase expenses.

Same thing happened when it rose to ₦45,000. As I progressed, I learnt the bitter lesson.

At this point, Bimbo was like, she never knew this was happening to others. That is – increase salary brings about increase in expenses. So, she asked me a more critical question, “Where do I start from?”

Employee making a salary budget
Salary Budget

2. Create a budget for your salary. As I explained, she sat down and took a sip of Coke drink at the restaurant where we were having lunch together as paddies on a Saturday morning. “So what next”, she asked. I answered, “Do you have a budget for your salary currently?”

Most employees don’t think having a budget for their salary is important. Yet, there’s this “DEVIL” that comes on the 27th of April and every other month, when that credit alert beeps on your Samsung phone. Suddenly, your mind is just on Jumia, Konga, SPAR, Game and Kilimanjaro.

When I asked the question, she bowed her head down and I felt the pain of regret from her because I’m also there. I’m not out yet but on the journey to be out. So I asked her to see these 6 reasons why you need a budget and how to budget money.

Bimbo looked at me and was like, “Is it possible to budget 90k?” I just laughed. (90k is like someone’s 6 months salary.)

At that point I knew that she would need to decide to do it and not just someone advising her to. And the same with you, if you don’t have a budget.

(Budgets are not meant to control you but to bring about a consciousness of how and why you spend your money.)

3. Save to invest not to spend. I learnt this from Robert Kiyosaki. In fact, he proposes that savers are losers. Although I agree to this from one perspective and disagree from another perspective. Yet, I told my friend to try it. (She turned her phone and showed me the new shoes she was about ordering from Jumia… the money? From her last savings!)

The normal culture we have is that of saving to buy a new car or borrowing to get a new bag. Why? It feels easier. Maybe, you might need to listen to Kiyosaki himself.

4. Start a side business. “What if you sell female bags to your colleagues in the bank?”, I asked her, “What about female suits or female corporate shirts?” Her eyes glowed immediately!

For me, I’d always advice, sell things you have special care for but make sure it’s needed where you are. Check businesses you can start as an employee in Nigeria.

Employee using her hair making and make up skill.
Image Source:

5. Monetize your skill. At this time, I had to remind her that she plaited my fiancee’s hair and made her up the other day and it was nice.

“So, what if you plait hair of two ladies only or do make up for four ladies only every weekend?”, I proposed to her again.

If you have a skill that you’re not using effectively, that could be a source of income for you now. What about freelance writing and all the other freelancing? Check these sites for freelancing options.

Asking for increase in pay
Image by pixabay.

6. Ask for a pay rise if you think you deserve it. “What?”, Bimbo yelled and laughed at the same time. At this point, we had spent close to thirty minutes talking. “Yes”, I answered.

However, you need to be cautious here. Each organization has a rule for pay rise. If there is, check it and see if you’re qualified. If there is none, check yourself by yourself. You know what you’ve been doing. If you’re not, then, give yourself a target of three months, do some extra work and demand for it.

(I’ll advise you also talk with a senior colleague, who has you at heart, to direct you.)

7. Keep developing yourself. There’s a special energy the average Nigerian employee has but the focus is usually work and get paid and spend, and little place for personal development.

I’m sorry, but how many people set aside money for personal training or buy a book or do a course online?

Jim Rohn, before he died, talked about the importance of personal development more than anyone I know. See his quote:

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you’ll make a fortune.

You can read more on personal development here.

In summary:

I Hate my Job. I Love the Pay. What Should I do?

I hate my job what do I do?
Tired Worker

First, I want you to know that this answer is inside of you. You just need someone to trigger it with questions. Nothing less or more! And sure, that’s what I’ll help you do. Ready?!

1. Why did you take the job?

Michael Scott GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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A post titled Why are we so bad at choosing the right job by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, has it that according to research money and poor self awareness were some of the reasons we make bad job choices. So, for you, why did you take the job? And you’re the only one that knows if it’s a right reason or not.

2. Have you achieved what brought you there?

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This is linked with the first question. Someone might take a job for the money while another for the flexibility. If you can answer number one, then you can answer this too. If you have achieved it, great. If you have not, why?

3. What are the advantages of staying there?

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Be honest about this. Checkout this list on advantages of having a job and see if you’re getting any of these. Maybe you’re not yet ready to leave yet. What have you been enjoying in this job?

4. Why do you want to go?

Tell Me Why Everybody GIF by BACKSTREET BOYS - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Hmmm… This is tough. Don’t just tell me I don’t feel fulfilled. Search deeply and know why. If it’s your behavior, you’re in for a big surprise. It’ll show up again.

When you become vision driven about your life, you don’t leave a job necessarily because of pay or a bad boss or some other reasons. You leave because you know deep inside you that it’s time… even when you’re offered promotion.

5. Where do you want to go to?

Where Are You What GIF by Al Roker - Find & Share on GIPHY

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I laugh. If you leave this job today, where is your next destination? I know you’re highly motivated and believe in yourself, but down the street, you need to know that it’s not as soft as the surface of the books you’ve read in your closet. So, where is your dream job? Where is your target?

6. What are you doing to prepare for that new place?

Prepare Roger Federer GIF by ATP Tour - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Listen, Benjamin Franklin has a word for you: “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” Most times we keep looking at the future but forget that she comes daily.

As a student of Architecture, I know that if you design nicer buildings than Frank Lloyd Wright, and the laborers look at the blueprint for the next 200 years without working, all you’ll have is your grandson and family looking at the death certificates of the entire crew and nothing else.

Have you discovered that even folks without a supposedly defined future end up creating a great one because they acted in certain manners over time.

The future you see and the future you will see will be differentiated by one major thing: what you do with the time you see.

7. What if you leave?

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This answers the question, what is my plan B? Randy Pausch quipped:

Another way to be prepared is to think negatively. Yes, I’m a great optimist. but, when trying to make a decision, I often think of the worst case scenario. I call it ‘the eaten by wolves factor.’ If I do something, what’s the most terrible thing that could happen? Would I be eaten by wolves?…

Now let me say this, after reading this, some persons will leave. And please do, so long as you know who bears the risk. You know the time clock. It’s in you. When it rings, leave. Staying one more day can be disastrous.

8. What if you stay?

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If you’re here, stay. You can’t be in 8 and 9. Just a little advice: you can stay and give yourself a time frame like 6 months or one year while you keep considering your options and listening to your heart.

9. What have you helped the organization achieve?

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We don’t like this part. But remember that what goes around comes around. If you’ve enjoyed the pay make sure you’ve given quality value back. The question will now be: Can my boss recommend me?

Having a job is good. So many are looking for what you have. But you’re not them. You’re you. Thus, take your time. Reminisce over it. And then act.