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Growing in tough times | Nelson Mandela

For this entire week, we’ll be looking at the lives of men and women who went through tough times but grew with it.

As employees, I believe that there are life lessons we can learn from them to thrive and not just survive in this covid-19 era.

Today’s personality is Nelson Mandela.

If you want to read about him you check here:

However, if you want a visual experience, then let’s do it here.

Source: Evan Carmichael YouTube channel

Source: Biography YouTube channel

Source: Famous People Biography YouTube channel

And for those who want a more comprehensive version…

Source: Palm YouTube channel

As an employee, what lessons can you get from this? How can you grow in this covid-19 era?

Now, I know that lots of persons are dying. I’m aware. But my focus is on you that’s alive.

How do you intend to grow?

This is 04:21am, WAT and we’re experiencing our first night of covid-19 curfew. And I’m feeling real bad but then I know I can be better.

Do you?