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How to use deadlines to achieve personal targets.

… deadlines get jobs done.

Cahit Kargi

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice that I’m not the SEO trapped guy trying to get everyone to read his blog. No. I won’t do that.

Using SEO is good, but at the detriment of servicing my audience, I’d drop it.

For today, we’ll look at how to use deadline to help us achieve our goals and targets.

In the office, we have a recurrent training that occurs every Thursday for our students.

This means that, whether I am well or not, that training must occur. And because of that, we are forced to create our content sometimes before the term starts.

However, for a while, we were not able to do that. We create a week or two weeks before the training. That wasn’t fair, but there’s a lesson to it.

My blog posting has also taught me the same lesson as it relates to our goals.

Prior to now, I blogged on Mondays and Fridays. Those days are tensed for me. I have a scheduler. It’s made me more productive. So whenever an idea comes, I flesh it out and then schedule it.

Now, because I know I must upload on Mondays and Fridays, I am always open to ideas and writing frequently.

For a while, I’ve not missed a day. Just a few days I blew it. And recently, I started everyday blogging. That alone has changed my mindset.


And I see my writing goals coming to fruition, especially with the release of my first eBook. I was wowed when I did it.

All thanks to, amongst other things, the deadline restriction that has helped me grow.

Maybe, you can try it too.

Set deadlines for the things you want to do. You might have a goal, but setting a deadline for the little steps, will make the goal to be fulfilled faster than you planned.

I know people who are against deadlines. However, I think when you start out in something you don’t have a habit for, you need deadlines, otherwise you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

More coming in.

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And keep making progress in this lockdown.

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Stay safe.