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Africa and the Future of Work | Coronavirus: How Can I Stay Safe While I Work?


I visited GTBANK in Enugu, Nigeria for a transaction. The security man had to hold my diary and applied hand sanitizer on my palms. This did not happen three, or four weeks ago.

Coronavirus is changing the global landscape. Everywhere is filled with the news and horror of the virus. Even a child can tell you how often he has heard that word more than any other, both at home and school.

Unfortunately, I just saw this now:


And I’m thinking, “What is going on?” Thanks to World Health Organization, Red Cross and other health institutions, including individuals that have been taking steps to see that the virus is curtailed.

For a safe workplace, WHO advice’s this:

  • Make sure your workplaces are clean and hygienic.
  • Promote regular and thorough hand-washing by employees, contractors and customers.
  • Promote good respiratory hygiene in the world place…

The list goes on and on. For a better understanding and overview of what is happening, it’s recommended you read this too:

Let’s stay safe and also help others by sharing this vital information. Lastly, you can share this too: