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Should I leave my job because I don’t have a WHY?

Our book review, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, showed us the importance of having a WHY in our work or career life.

Yet, we know that not many persons have have discovered their WHY.

Now, the question is this: Should I leave my job because I don’t have a why?

Well, my answer is no.

You don’t have to. Not yet, at least.

Someone might tell you to leave but please don’t.


I’m in a Job that does not Really use my Skills. What Should I Do?

As an employee, instead of leaving, start the process of discovering your WHY.

This pandemic lockdown can be a time gift that you can use for that journey. Begin the process.

You might want to see Simon’s two books: Start With WHY and Find Your WHY. Or better still, listen to these videos:


Let the process start. Remember this quote from yesterday:

Finding WHY is a process of discovery not invention.

While you go through the process, keep giving your best to that job.

Surviving Post-Corona: Should I quit my job or not?

A tough question indeed.

I am a football fan. I’ve been locked outside the house for going to see matches 😀. What a life!

Can you remember the match between AC Milan and Liverpool? In 2005? UEFA Champions League Final match?

What a terrible match.

Wikipedia puts it this way:

Milan were regarded as favourites before the match and took the lead within the first minute through captain Paolo Maldini. Milan striker Hernán Crespo added two more goals before half-time to make it 3–0. In the second half Liverpool launched a comeback and scored three goals in a dramatic six-minute spell to level the scores at 3–3, with goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimír Šmicer and Xabi Alonso.

The scores remained the same during extra time, and a penalty shoot-out was required to decide the champions. The score was 3–2 to Liverpool when Andriy Shevchenko’s penalty was saved by Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. Thus Liverpool won their fifth European Cup, were awarded the trophy permanently, and claimed a multiple-winner badge.

Liverpool’s comeback gave rise to the final being known as the Miracle of Istanbul, and is regarded as one of the greatest finals in the history of the tournament.”

That night was hot for me. I learnt something about life.

To quit is a choice.

Now, you’re not playing against AC Milan. In fact, football has been shut down for a while now.

You’re playing against the economy and your job. You’re an employee and you can see work going in no direction. Covid-19 has startled everyone.

Are you thinking of quitting? Do you think it’s time? Is there something you always wanted to do and you’ve not been able to?

Can I ask you this even before you decide to quit or not: what is your vision?

I feel this is even the most important question to ask.

Where are you going to?

The persons who will be scared the most in this period are those who don’t have a vision for their lives. (Remember, a vision is different from ambition.)

I’ll write about the difference between vision and ambition tomorrow.

As an employee, don’t just quit your job. And don’t just stay. Have a why for quitting or staying.

5 Reasons Nigerian Graduates Don’t Practice What they Study in School.

Don’t get it twisted. One of the most hard working youngsters in the world are Nigerians. Check out how widespread we are. I know the average human on earth sees Nigerians as negative. Yet, we rule.

See these examples yourself: banking guru, Jim Ovia (founder of Zenith Bank), media master, Jason Njoku (founder of Iroko TV),

So, you’ll be missing out of the thrill when you think there’s no benefit the average Nigerian youth (graduate) has for the nation or the continent to the world.

Yet, the other side of the coin that I see and don’t think it’s good is the fact that more than half of Nigeria graduates don’t practise what they studied in school. This might be a global phenomenon but let’s see the flavor in our national context.

Why do we not practice what we study?

  • No Personal Vision for the Career Path.

(We just want to make a living.) I spend time with secondary school students and I have a feel of what is being taught in terms of career. In fact, from my own experience, we were groomed to just move from class to class (although thanks to my teachers and lecturers) until it’s time to choose career.

The idea is that we will figure it out. And most don’t. We just conform to any of theses: medicine, law or engineering. Anything else is stupidity. Thus, from highschool, there’s little effort placed on finding a vision in life.

I’ve had students ask me, Is it bad that I don’t know what I want to study in college? With a sense of understanding for where they are, I say yes but instantly I start that journey for the student.

Recently, I posted my first video on a YouTube channel (dedicated to giving highschool kids insights on how to choose a career).

What do we see today?

We wake up one day. Discover we’re in SS3. Register for JAMB and WAEC Exam. Kpam kpam kpam, we gain admission. During holidays, we spend time doing something else. School starts, we feel a huge load. All we see is the glamor in the career so before graduation we’re seeing ourselves with an official car.

Is it bad? Not really.

After graduation, we go for service. If there’s money, we go for MSc. No money, we look for jobs and hustling start.

Very few get to follow a path with a vision. A vision that transcends the economic situation of the country. All we hear is there’s no job.

While I know the government is meant to provide jobs, I also know that if there are no jobs, it’s our responsibility to create one.

A personal vision for the field of Agriculture is what will make a graduate of Agriculture start a poultry farm or any business that’s connected to agriculture.

My Suggestion: While we make our government responsible for their roles, let’s begin to choose careers with a mindset of bringing changes and not stop at making a living.

  • No Easy Opportunity.

I would blame the government (from previous administrations inclusive) more for this mishap. I was thrown off balance the day I heard that there’s a federal job but for you to get it, you’ll need to pay several thousands. I was pained.

So, a father pays N500,000 or more for a 4 year course of his daughter and when she’s done, he’s asked to pay for her to get a job. Are we moving forward or what?

And some of our parents accept it. It’s horrible.

The second blame on this for me is the mindset we build in school that says: after graduation, look for a job. So

  • Lack of Patience to Follow and Build Mastery.

If the message on the hood is that I can’t wait to learn from anyone, then it’s a dangerous one.

I can attest to the fact that the entrepreneurship vibe is becoming a flu. While there are fields that don’t need much time for practising, mastery is needed to deliver good value.

I heard Mr_Brainbox, Cofounder Blueprint Afric said something like that if he knew what he knows now, he’d have gone to work for someone for a while before moving to run his business.

My generation does not want to follow. We want to start without serving.

Robin Williams Hug GIF by MIRAMAX - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • Insufficient Presence of ACCESSIBLE Models in those Fields.

I respect all professionals who have built pedigree over time in their fields. I salute. Yet, I’m thrown off balance when I see a Professor who wants to make life difficult for another student coming in to study for his Masters.

I’ve heard stories of how the big lions in several industries don’t want to allow the younger ones come up. I don’t know why. Although, I’m aware of the mindset of my generation. It can be discouraging for a master to teach a student who is impatient, lacks respect and does not want to work.

What is the need of knowing so much without transferring the knowledge to the next generation? Why have some of us made it look like no one will advance without you?

Even in the work environment, you see where employers find it hard to even train employees. I’ve heard complains about this severally. What I say sometimes is this: if some employers were privilege to hoard the information on the internet from some employees, they will.


  • Urgency to Make Money.

Victor AD (an indigenous artist) sang a song and said if we no make money wetin we gain o (if we can’t make the money, then there’s no need). Thoughts like this, without a balance, makes our best brains waste. They are entangled in online frauds. Everyone wants to hammer. (I like money. It is important for life on earth. But where should that priority be placed?)

4 Most Important Skills Every Nigerian Employer will Need in 2020.

In about 20 years’ time… jobs that are outside of making music or art are going to be computer programs. Everybody else is going to be pretty much obsolete.

Pulkit Jasiwal

Life is changing so fast that I can assure you that if you check your Google Play store now, you’ll see an app or apps that need update. You want to try?

In fact, if you updated a week ago, you’ll still have an app staring at you for update?


Change is ravaging everything around us. Whether you want it or not… In fact, if you don’t change, you’re left behind.

We’ve just spent six days plus in the start of a new decade. And see, if you have a job in Nigeria, there are about 500,000 graduates looking to take your job each year if you drop it.

I’ve been involved in recruiting engagements and I want to say this:

Your CV is not relevant if you’re not getting better.

And if you keep being the same, your employer (if he or she is visionary – civil servants are off it) will see you cheap if you don’t have these skills in 2020:

Good Digital Skills

My boss was just introduced to twitter recently. He knows about it but not fully engaged with it… have had android for more than five years now. Suddenly, it’s proving to be important.

From personal tweeting to organizational tweets, it’s now necessary to understand the twitter environment. We had to even hire someone to oversee that aspect.

Please note that this is beyond twitter. It’s about digital literacy. Can you blog? Can you create content? Can you drive traffic? Do you know how to program? If your boss have not talked about this with you, get ready. You’ll hear it soon!

Continuous Creativity

As an employee, it’s not been easy for me to keep up with the pace. Yet, I’ve made sure that something new comes up every season.

For example, the structure of our content for training just changed. Since I do training with teens, I had to adjust it completely. I added smileys 😀😄 to it. And the students are enjoying it… Also started training secondary students who run businesses and NGOs. And it’s been fun.

Relationship Skill

Two things are involved here – relating with your coworkers and relating with your customers.

If you don’t know how to relate, forget it.
Your employer or boss might not tell you but when you default in assignments because you are not a team player, your job might be at stake.

Problem Solving Skills

Why do you think you’re employed? Although, some folks think that it’s because of their beauty… Yet, that beauty must solve problems o otherwise you’ll be out…

This is linked to creativity but different. One can be creative without solving problems.

So, don’t just be creative. Let that creativity be tied to solving problems.

As you enter 2020, get trained in these skills so you can offer more value to your organization and make yourself mor valuable too.

Top 7 Job Sites in Nigeria According to Latest Alexa Ranking.

Are you looking for a job? Are you tired of submitting CVs and asking questions? Do you think you have what it takes to land that job?

Get on your CV and check for hot jobs with these top job sites in Nigeria.

Ranks 9,088 in the world and 76 in Nigeria.

Until I checked online, I didn’t know this existed, let alone ranking as #1 Job site in Nigeria according to Alexa ranking.

With this site, you’re sure of gaining access to the most current jobs.

Ranks 11,920 in the world, 108 in Nigeria.

Started by Ogugua Belonwu in 2010. The site has an interface that makes it easier for job seekers by using a company-job design model.

Ranks 20,361 in the world, 233 in Nigeria.

Paul Eze and Andrew Eze started this platform to help people access employment opportunities online.

Ngcareers also boost a user friendly interface which makes it easier to navigate.

Ranks 37,341 in the world, 316 in Nigeria.

Yet another site that is targeted at listing job opportunities. I love jobgurus as one can access ebooks to learn about interview processes and can also take aptitude tests on the site.

Ranks 40,342 in the world, 347 in Nigeria.

Founded by Olalekan Olude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi as college students from their dormitory. It’s one of the most profound sites in Nigeria despite its positioning.

Jobberman has played a major role in the online job listing trend.

51,695 in the world, 505 in Nigeria.

It sounds like the famous Mozilla Firefox Browser. Jobzilla displays job vacancies in a lovely way: vacancies by state, vacancies by industry and vacancies by field.

Your search on this site might not take up to 5mins before you get what you really want.

Rank 54,924 in the world, 543 in Nigeria.

It’s ranking shows that it is among the best in Nigeria. Jobsinnigeria attracts a handful of visitors daily. One unique feature of this site is its career coaching tab. Get in here and get the job you need.

Just one more…

Ranks 94,494 in the world, 1090 in Nigeria.

Justjobsng is another awesome site that is making job scouting easier everyday. No more worries for job searching any more.

The new year is coming in so fast. Why not find a job for yourself on any of these sites? I wish you success as you do.

FRIDAY BOOK REVIEW WITH CHUKS | MANAGE YOUR DAY TO DAY: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind by Jocelyn K. Glei

Going through this book gives a broader perspective of the time management framework.

I’m in Enugu (Coal City, Nigeria) but I also understand that the vibe in Lagos is on a higher level. Several times, I ask myself,“Do you want to be a local player or a global player? “

This alone gets me thinking and more importantly for 2020, I’m having a whole new structure for my time. Why? I want to be a global player and this book has helped shown me how.

Can we ride and see it?


  • Do your most productive work early in the day and reactive works later in the day.
  • Learn to organize your workspace to inspire work. Like set a particular music or set the tables in a manner that tells your mind it’s time to work.
  • Learn to block out time daily when no one will disturb you no matter what. (I’m personally learning this… So, from 8am till 11am, it’s hard to catch me free.)
  • Schedule time for creative thinking. This can be different from work. It can be early in the morning before dashing out for work.
  • Don’t allow perfectionism eat you up. This has nothing to do not going for the best. However, use all you’ve got to deliver the best you can while knowing when to submit a work and move on to the next.

Catching Guru Studio GIF by True and the Rainbow Kingdom - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • Much of what we are taught about multitasking is scam. Studies have shown that the tasks that we can multitask effectively are those that are highly automatic like walking and talking… dancing and singing… While in the activities that require our conscious mind, what we do is task switching. And task switching is highly unproductive. The alternative? Finish a task and move or break a task into bits of finishes so you can take breaks at those times.
  • Learn to build renewal into your work day. As you do your work, find time to rest. (This disturbs me the most. The average African employee and employer sees rest as waste of time. We are the least present at vacations. We don’t rest yet the economic systems speak of who is ahead.)
  • One of the authors, Lori Deschene says this about the social media thing:

  • Keep your long term vision or goals in front of you so that it helps when you prioritize your day.
  • Place huge value on your imaginations than on technology.
  • What if you do things everyday at certain times just to play, for fun?


“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.” Earl S. Buck

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.” Lena Horne

(I melted when I saw this quote directly above. If you did physics in school, you’ll grab it faster.)

“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.” Jose Ortega

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” Warren Buffet

“You can do anything but not everything.” David Allen

(Wow! My head is telling that the reason for this is that our time and energy is limited.)

“Look at the word responsibility – RESPONSE-ABILITY – the ability to choose your response.” Stephen Covey

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” William S. Burroughs

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” John Cleese

(While I agree with the last line of this quote, I disagree with the first line. What do you think?)

“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.” Chuck Close

“The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.” Eugene Delacroix

(Hmmm… I think this doesn’t mean don’t strive for excellence.)

“Creation is in part merely the business of foregoing the great and small distractions.” E. B. White

The Questions?!

The primary question this book poses for me is this: Do I have control over my time? Have I scheduled my most important tasks for the day on the most important times of the day?

Check the 12 points I mentioned above and gauge it with your life.

2020 is coming soon…! The website of the editor of this book jkglei.com/

I’m in a Job that Does not Really Use my Skills. What Should I do?

I make welcome Mr. Oseumeke Nnaemeke. He’s the Digital Communications Officer for EEDC, a brand enthusiast and CEO of Viral Media Concept. Follow him @osemekennaemeke on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Guest: Thanks for having me

Me: So, as an employee, what does it feel like? What’s… What’s the vibe like?

Guest: It feels great, especially when you are doing what you love and you can see how relevant your work is in the aspect of building a viable brand that customers can relate with.

Me: Doing what you love… Hmmmm… I understand this because I have same experience. But then…, from your personal observation, do you think most young Nigerian workers enjoy what they do?

Guest: Well, there’s a fine mix of people who love what they do and are committed to adding value and a vast majority slumming it living for the weekend and the paycheck 💰.

Me: Yeah. I agree with you. Can be sad, really. I had a job like that before and I was just so scared of leaving it because I needed the pay.

OooKay! Right into the space for today’s topic.

Emmm… Imagine an employee complaining to you or a friend telling you that he or she feels weird because her skill or his skill is not being used at the work place. Mekus, what would you say to the person? Like… What would be your response?

Guest: Find a place for your skill in the office. Most offices are bereft of people who are truly there to add value. Most employees are in it for the money so anyone with ideas or skills that can add value to the company will be highly welcomed.

That said, be very subtle how you deploy this because of a possible backlash from employees who aren’t happy with the few people who want to move up and do more.

Me: Wow! Emmm… Are you saying, like if the individual could write 📝 and she’s not asked to write but then there’s a department that’s in charge of content development, she can approach someone there?

Guest: Yes! The key should be to offer value upfront and not ask first. Too many people want others to do stuff for them first without providing value. When you offer value first and your work is remarkable, people will make moves to bring you onboard.

Me: Hmmm… This is quite revealing. And then you also mentioned being careful due to backlash from some folks who are maybe insecure… 😂

Guest: Yes! To be frank, people who are not adding value are defensive when they see someone truly trying to get work done.

Me: I agree… Especially in our system. Folks like more money with less work. So, if you’re trying to work more with no increase in cash, you’ll be seen as ‘I To Know’ like ‘na you sabi pass?’ 😂

Guest: Yes… Personally, in my last place of work, everyone was so inundated that any idea you brought was frowned at.

Me: … ‘Some pipu sef!’ So, what other ways can the person get on being productive?

Guest: One of the best possible ways I’ve found is to deliver excellently on your current assignment or designation. Results attract favour and access. Delivering proficiently on your current duties will create the avenue needed to solicit a change.

Me: Hmmm…

Thirdly, you need to get clear on what you want. Is the job offering you a clear cut path to growth in your career of choice?

Me: … So even if I’m not using my gold in the job, you think I should still give my best and perform excellently?

Guest: Yes. Personally, when I started at the defunct Diamond bank, I was the least performing salesperson… Remember at this point, I was still in the process of learning sales/marketing so even though the atmosphere at work was toxic I endured for two reasons:

1. I wanted to gain a skill that could put food on my table even outside the industry.

2. I didn’t quit because if I did then my record at that company would be that of an underachiever… I didn’t want to leave as someone who couldn’t make the grade. I left two years later as a high flyer having mastered the skill and gained the results to back it up.

Me: Really?! So even though you were there, the thing was not connecting with you but you had to deliver… And finally, you left on a brighter note?!

And I’m sure your pedigree there stands strong especially amongst your peers…

Guest: Yes. I opened an average of 40 accounts monthly and had a volume base of 10 million quarterly.

Me: Hmmm… Guys, are we here?! So, whether they are using my skill well or not, underperformance should be a no for me…

Am I correct sir?

Guest: Yes

Me: Hmmm… OK. This is where the icing is for me. I call it the ‘what do you want?’ question.

Can you explain this further. Please… (Thirdly, you need to get clear on what you want. Is the job offering you a clear cut path to growth in your career of choice?)

Guest: Self Awareness is key. You need to get crystal clear 👓 on what you want work to be like for you down to the bare grimy details.

In 2011, I had the privilege of working with the World Health Organization Enumeration team. We canvassed local governments in Rivers state collecting data of pharmacies, local chiefs, and health centers. This was targeted at having quality data with which to distribute free mosquito nets and A.C.T drugs.

It lasted for two weeks but the experience made me discover that I loathed desk jobs… I desired work that would give me the freedom to work outside the confines of an office building… Hence, my career in marketing. I have a ritual of writing (my list) which comprises the job I want, colleagues/industry I want to operate in, salary scale and all the details that would make the job enjoyable. When am done, I take it to God in prayer.

Me: Hmmm…

Guest: As far back as 2013, I knew I wanted a job that paid 6 figures. I didn’t get one but I persisted on the vision while doing my best where I worked for peanuts but kept adding value to myself and that dream became a reality last year.

Me: Real! Real!! Real!!!… So real! So hot! You know, I like the fact you have personal stories to back these principles up. Gary Vaynerchuk said in one his quotes:

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life?’

(So, Self Awareness is key. You need to get crystal clear on what you…)

Guest: Yeah, it’s very important. The worst thing in life anyone can do is settle.

Me: I like the 6 figure dream and how it has materialized. So no excuse. That’s what you’re saying?! Give value. Find where to add value and give it excellently?! Right?

Guest: Yes.

Me: oookay!

Guest: What this does for you as a person is you get to wear many caps in your firm; by caps I mean responsibility. Responsibility and competence births influence.

Me: Hmmm… I’m almost speechless. You just revealed certain things to me that I never knew. So guys, stay there in that office and give all you’ve got while you keep working on your career vision.

Before I let you go… I heard you insisting on career vision… like it should be the driving force while delivering value with the skill one has at the work place?

Guest: Yes

Me: Noted.

Guest: Goals are important but I’ve achieved goals and still felt empty… Vision should be the driving force to achieve goals. We all need a picture of our destination. What this does is that it gives you the fortitude to persist through today’s challenges 👊.

Me: Yeah. I agree. You can check this site https://bit.ly/2QvGg9q to understand how to create a career vision.

👏👏 So awesome to have you sir. We look forward to more time. I’ll take this as your final words… Responsibility and competence births influence.

Guest: Yeah, thanks for having me

Me: Wow! Well, for me these are my takeaways:

  • Get to give value with the skill you have. Find a vacuum and use that skill to fill it.
  • Perform in your current assignment excellently with the skill you have – whether it’s cool or not. Just give your best.
  • Have a career vision and let it direct your decisions.

Two other interviews will be coming up soon. So, just stay connected so you can enjoy the thrill. Before I run off:

Can you give your best to an organization where people can indict you for trying to be excellent?

Click on the share button and let the goodies roll to your friends.

I Hate my Job. I Love the Pay. What Should I do?

I hate my job what do I do?
Tired Worker

First, I want you to know that this answer is inside of you. You just need someone to trigger it with questions. Nothing less or more! And sure, that’s what I’ll help you do. Ready?!

1. Why did you take the job?

Michael Scott GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

A post titled Why are we so bad at choosing the right job by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, has it that according to research money and poor self awareness were some of the reasons we make bad job choices. So, for you, why did you take the job? And you’re the only one that knows if it’s a right reason or not.

2. Have you achieved what brought you there?

Winning Didier Drogba GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

This is linked with the first question. Someone might take a job for the money while another for the flexibility. If you can answer number one, then you can answer this too. If you have achieved it, great. If you have not, why?

3. What are the advantages of staying there?

Bonus GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

Be honest about this. Checkout this list on advantages of having a job and see if you’re getting any of these. Maybe you’re not yet ready to leave yet. What have you been enjoying in this job?

4. Why do you want to go?

Tell Me Why Everybody GIF by BACKSTREET BOYS - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

Hmmm… This is tough. Don’t just tell me I don’t feel fulfilled. Search deeply and know why. If it’s your behavior, you’re in for a big surprise. It’ll show up again.

When you become vision driven about your life, you don’t leave a job necessarily because of pay or a bad boss or some other reasons. You leave because you know deep inside you that it’s time… even when you’re offered promotion.

5. Where do you want to go to?

Where Are You What GIF by Al Roker - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

I laugh. If you leave this job today, where is your next destination? I know you’re highly motivated and believe in yourself, but down the street, you need to know that it’s not as soft as the surface of the books you’ve read in your closet. So, where is your dream job? Where is your target?

6. What are you doing to prepare for that new place?

Prepare Roger Federer GIF by ATP Tour - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

Listen, Benjamin Franklin has a word for you: “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” Most times we keep looking at the future but forget that she comes daily.

As a student of Architecture, I know that if you design nicer buildings than Frank Lloyd Wright, and the laborers look at the blueprint for the next 200 years without working, all you’ll have is your grandson and family looking at the death certificates of the entire crew and nothing else.

Have you discovered that even folks without a supposedly defined future end up creating a great one because they acted in certain manners over time.

The future you see and the future you will see will be differentiated by one major thing: what you do with the time you see.

7. What if you leave?

What If Thinking GIF by Mackenzie Ziegler - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

This answers the question, what is my plan B? Randy Pausch quipped:

Another way to be prepared is to think negatively. Yes, I’m a great optimist. but, when trying to make a decision, I often think of the worst case scenario. I call it ‘the eaten by wolves factor.’ If I do something, what’s the most terrible thing that could happen? Would I be eaten by wolves?…

Now let me say this, after reading this, some persons will leave. And please do, so long as you know who bears the risk. You know the time clock. It’s in you. When it rings, leave. Staying one more day can be disastrous.

8. What if you stay?

Andrew Garfield GIF by A24 - Find & Share on GIPHY

gif credit: giphy.com

If you’re here, stay. You can’t be in 8 and 9. Just a little advice: you can stay and give yourself a time frame like 6 months or one year while you keep considering your options and listening to your heart.

9. What have you helped the organization achieve?

Come On Wtf GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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We don’t like this part. But remember that what goes around comes around. If you’ve enjoyed the pay make sure you’ve given quality value back. The question will now be: Can my boss recommend me?

Having a job is good. So many are looking for what you have. But you’re not them. You’re you. Thus, take your time. Reminisce over it. And then act.