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Africa and the Future of Work: 6 Reasons Why You Need a Good Online Presence.

Few days ago I was making an application online that’s connected to Young Leaders on the Global Goals. Now the Global Goals have to do with SDGs and how to profer solutions to achieve each.

And as a inserted my normal details – name, date of birth, nationality, why do you want to apply – I got to a point where I had to give them my profile on these platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

As, I did that – before I forget, I also gave them this website you’re reading from – I realized how important these little things have become in our world.

And I believe it’s because of one thing – Globalization. Surprisingly, it’s come to stay. It has no respect for you. That’s the wave of humanity.


See what Kofi Annan would tell you if you had a meeting with him:

It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.

So what’s the safety nest? What should we do?

Well, before I suggest what we should do, I’ll like to let you into why you need a good online presence.

It Increases Your Personal Brand Awareness

That’s a picture of the demographics of visitors to this site. I’m in Nigeria trying to serve African employees who want to build personal brands in their chosen field yet I can reach more people outside the continent.

100 years ago, for me to do that would have required at least a visa or a DHL service at a cost that will be enough to buy few more laptops to boost my productivity today.

If you have an online presence you have this as an advantage.

Better Customer Satisfaction

How and why?

The market does not exist where the product is. It does where the consumers are. And they are online. So, with a Facebook page, you are able to satisfy them because now you can attend to them where they are.

And somehow this is what they want – selfies, pictures… videos, chats and many many.

Why do you think big companies invest so much to transform their online presence? In fact, there’s even budgeting for online marketing.

Global & Local Market Insight

Thanks to google analytics and all the analytics present. With my personal Facebook page, I can know what the market wants. I can determine when they are most active and why they are most active.

I did a post for African Highschool Students at the end of January that was a summary of the discussions during the World Economic Forum, 2020. If anyone of them sees it online, he or she can take advantage of it.

I am online and so I can see the trends. I can know the direction the world is headed for.

Another example here is this: I started sharing the links to this blog via my Facebook account and I’ve received more visitors from that medium. Why? I took advantage of the trends and insight of how the online space works.

You are Leveraged to Build Trust

How do you feel when you can see the live video or picture of Beyonce or Cristiano Ronaldo?

I saw this on the website of beamlocal.com

The 21st century consumer is a skeptic; in fact, 56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website.

If this is true for businesses then it is similar for your brand. In our age, being online gives you credibility within minutes. How can you explain to so many people, who need your value, in so little time, that you’re real?

Although, this does not replace your offline participation, it’s relevance is undisputed.

An Opportunity to Express Yourself

I’m aware that my generation is taking this for granted at certain times as we now say a whole lot without caution from twitter hasgtags to Instagram short clips…

Howbeit, if you have an online presence, you can share your ideas. And like myself, if an organization needs to know you more, they can get to meet you and discover you through a post.

Just one post can make you the right person for the job.

Free to No Advertising Cost

This is the best reason why you should have a strong online presence.

Have you discovered that those who use social media to make profit are not really consuming more data than those coming in to just feel the groove?

The difference between the two groups is intentionality.

With as little as $10, you can touch more than 10 thousand persons within 24hrs. What about your Whatsapp?

Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.

Jay Baer

Now wait… Before you begin to think big or take your mind off it, you’re online already. You can’t go offline and I mean it. Your bank has placed you online. Or that registration you did in school…

The question now is not, Should I be online or not? Rather it should be, How do I want to be online so that I can maximize the opportunity?

Even our fathers are not exempted from this. My dad joined Facebook few years ago and he’s getting to learn it more. We’ve had reasons to create a Whatsapp group for the family where we discussed family issues in depth.

If my dad is there and using it, I don’t think you have a stronger reason not to. Although, you can still decide to. Your choice.

What is the First and Most Important Tool for Personal Branding?

The importance of self perception in building a personal brand.
Self perception and personal branding

You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.

Frank McCourt

What’s personal branding? What do I do to begin my personal brand? At what point do I know I have a personal brand? These and many more are questions asked about personal branding.

I love the movie, Hannah Montana (I think season 1) because it paints a perfect picture of where personal branding begins. Thanks to Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) who displayed what happens not just to teens but to adults.

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) had such a life that was centered on her celebrity personality. For a while, she enjoyed it with the glory and attention attached to it until her dad changed altered it by faulting her plan to go for a show.

Why? Grand ma was having her birthday. Yet, Hannah Montana thought Grandma’s birthday celebration was less important to her than her show. But for her dad, he wouldn’t take that. Never!

Finally, she got tricked to fly a private plane and instead of landing at her supposed airport for her show, she found herself in her country home. What?! The teen superstar was so furious.

She finally spent about two weeks there but in what I’d called self perception crisis – fighting between being Hannah Montana (her stage personality) and Miley Cyrus (the real girl). Her self perception was colored because of the attention she got from the public.

So the question for her and her dad was: Who is Hannah Montana? Who is Miley Cyrus? Can she live without the external attention of the public or does she need it to be who she is?

And this is where personal branding starts. The words of King Solomon expresses it this way:

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…

When some folks hear personal branding they think of colors, business name, products, logo, Instagram page, Facebook page… While all of these are important, the first and most important thing is: What do you think about you? What’s your Self perception? 

Virginia Bautista, a LinkedIn trainer, speaker and consultant says it this way:

Our journey to creating a strong personal brand requires a shift in our mindset. Unless we take that shift, we can’t truly build an authentic and powerful brand.

Your self perception, not your phone, is the first and most important tool for personal branding. Laura Montgomery, a contributor on the Economist wrote a most and titled it Personal brand is more than your digital presence. So, it starts from you, your thoughts of you. Whatsoever you think of you is your true personal brand.

If you think you’re not unique, then you can’t express a unique brand. Take note: I didn’t say create a unique brand. Why? You’re a brand already. There’s a thought pattern you already have about yourself. If you like it, build it. If you don’t, change it.

On a final note, what do you believe about you? What are your thoughts about you? Do you think you can become a global figure in your field? Do you think you are too small to be the brand you see for yourself?

What you think about you will control who and what you become. Your self perception – this is the first and most important tool for personal branding.