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7 Lessons every employee should learn from Covid-19: Walking by faith is no longer an option.

Just a little story to buttress this truth and lesson.

The story of Abraham, the patriarch of the Jews, goes in a such a way that at age 75 he was without a child. His wife, Sarah, was old. Gone pass menopause. There was no way this couple could have a child again.

However, Abraham received a promise from the visitations of two angels that he will bear his own son, from his loins. He believed it and accepted it.

Time pass, he didn’t see any. And sure, I know he must have been having doing his part as a husband.

At a point, his wife suggested her maid get in the line of the family. He agreed and Haggai got pregnant. Thinking that this will be the promised child, he was happy, but not for long.

Quarrelling came in between his wife and Haggai. (Ladies can’t handle this… You can imagine being a maid and then suddenly, you now carry the child of your master.)

Abraham, I think was confused. He got another message saying that Ishmael (the son of Haggai) is not the promised child. Therefore, he will have to wait for that one child.

He stayed there. Believed it and finally got Isaac. Isaac came as a miracle child. Abraham was close to 100years and his wife, 90.

The fulfilment of that promise was seen.

Was it easy?

Go ask a 21st century couple… Not just that, ask a typical African woman what her mother-in-law had said to her.

The lesson from this is that for employees it is time to believe in the unseen realm of life. Whether you believe in God as I know or not, the unseen realm does exist.

From the Holy Scriptures, Hebrews 11 verse 1 puts it this way for faith:

What is faith? It is the confidence assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. NLT

THERE are dreams you have but you’ve refused to take steps.

Fear. What will they say.

Go back to all the lessons and see where you are missing it. Then take those steps of faith.

Now. Not tomorrow.