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Africa and the Future of Work: Now You Can Learn About the SDGs (and How You Can Contribute to it) in 15mins.

I saw this yesterday morning and I was so excited. It’s a platform that’s dedicated to serve the business community, enhancing collaboration on how to achieve the SDGs.

As a person who loves learning, I couldn’t help but visit the site and make it available to you.

It’s a lovely initiative by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

A 2019 survey of over 11,000 global CEOs undertaken by Accenture and the UN Global Compact found that, while 71% of CEOs understand that business has a critical role in contributing to the SDGs, only 21% believe that their organizations are currently fulfilling this role. For the SDGs to be realized it will be important to close this gap and help companies to fulfill their potential to drive SDG impact on the road to 2030.

The worrisome data above is part of the trigger for this platform.

What is in for me? Who is this designed for? Check the lists below and trust me, you’ll see how useful this is.

1. CEO Guide to the SDGs

For CEOs and those involved in the private sector. This is a place for you to get insights on how to play your role using your business as a tool to make the SDHs a reality.

2. SDG Sector Roadmap Guidelines

What sector of economy are you in? From chemical to forestry, this package creates a step by step process that will enable each sector to participate in the SDG journey.

3. SDG Business Hub

This is targeted at businesses to help with latest tools and easy guides on applying principles suited to supporting the SDGs.

4. The Good Life Goals

Several global partners including the UN, 10YFP and others put this together so that anyone can get simple actions that can be taken to realize the SDGs.

Remember, the world is our responsibility. And what we want to see in it will be created by us.