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Difference Between Vision and Ambition.

If we follow English language semantics we’ll not get the juice out of this.

Ask a child about his dream. And most will tell you what they want to get, where they want to go to and money they want to acquire and all these so called personal acquisitions.

Are they wrong?

I go for them. You go for them too.

But have you seen that no man gets bigger by fighting for himself. No man.

Find a course you want to dedicate your life to. Get a job in that sphere. Then keep moving.

Will it be smooth? No. Will it be worth it? Sure, if you persist and learn on the way.

Most employees don’t start with why. We don’t start with a vision. We start with our tummy. Our hunger. Our needs and end there.

The problem is not where we start but where do we go from there.

Finally, I like the words of an African Bishop on this:

Ambition is not an absolutely wrong word. Ambition is a strong and necessary companion of vision.

It takes ambition to drive vision. Why? Because ambition is a strong desire to achieve results or attain a height.

Without ambition vision will go to sleep. It is the fire place of vision. It takes ambition to fire vision to action.

If you like, call it zeal. Do not discard ambition. Life is dormant without it. It is described as a cherished desire.

It is backup to vision. Genuine ambition never competes with vision. It doesn’t run parallel to vision.

Bishop David Abioye:

Thus, use ambition to pursue the vision. I’ll recommend Simon Sinek’s Start With Why.

I think I can do a summary on his two books tomorrow during my Friday book review.