Sometimes we get worn out.

I can’t explain how I feel now.

It’s been about three months and I’ve not made any post. So terrible.

I’ve been trying to do other things. So heavy. I started a project recently to have an online event for African Teenagers and we’re expecting global leaders to be part of it.

My team members have been working tirelessly to make sure we get a good result from it.

However, I’ve not forgotten my base here. As soon as possible, I’ll get back and we get rolling again.

Thank you for always checking to see new updates. I’m grateful. And there’s a lot I’ve learnt as it concerns building a personal brand as an employee.

2020 is going to be good if you take risk that’s beyond you.

Do something crazy. But let it be in line with your vision.

The least you’ll get is that you’ll learn and keep moving.

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