Africa and the Future of Work | Employment is not guaranteed anymore.

What a feeling and negative chill I had a few days ago. I was at home when I heard my neighbor, working at one of the malls in Nigeria saying that a friend of hers had a job offer to work with a bank. She accepted it. But prior to this pandemic, she rejected all the places they posted her to.

Finally, when it was time to resume work where she agreed on, the pandemic struck. We don’t know yet if she has the job.

Another scenario happened when I went to eat after work on Thursday.

At the restaurant, I heard a customer talking with the food vendor that her sister working in a mall is kind of happy that her job is secure.

While others are crying that they are losing their jobs, she is so relaxed and enjoying herself.

Now, this is retail work that’s not exciting for a normal person and here is someone happy she has hers.


Thirdly, I saw this online:

… on I was shocked, but then, it’s a huge and deep teacher.

What’s the lesson?

No industry is safe and employment is not guaranteed anymore.

I know there are industries like food industry and health industry that look recession proof. Yet, it’s not a guarantee as sure as 100% any more.

Anyone can lose his or her job at any time. The economy is not suffering. The effects of our behavior are what the economy is revealing.

So, some will suffer while some enjoy.

Life’s not fair someone will say. But that’s the world you’re in.

Your saving grace as an employee?

You should be your number one investment. Invest in yourself. Find the solution you can offer and be a master at it.

Then, be aware of the trends in that field. Serve with your eyes open. Don’t be blind. I’ll say it this way:

Master your craft and master the trends.

With this, you can scale through some of the most difficult times coming our way.

We still hope and pray that things get easier, as employees, after this covid-19 experience. Until then, I’ll leave you with Jim Rohn’s words:

Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.

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