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7 Lessons every employee should learn from Covid-19: Failing to plan is planning to fail.

A very popular statement. However, with the fear and anxiety in the hearts of employees, you’ll agree that most didn’t see this coming. Most couldn’t plan. Therefore, the job loss affected them more.

I always want to put myself in the shoes of those who lost their jobs in this period.

Like I’ve said several times, I’ve not been to the office for two months and no pay coming in.

Do you think I’ll sit and watch life go on?

I also didn’t prepare for this. I didn’t. I was trying to when the floods came rushing and somehow I’ve been able to stand.

After the covid-19 lockdown is over… I beg your pardon, as the lockdown is on, the planning is already on.

Since we know we are responsible for ourselves we also know that we need to plan for ourselves as well.

Are you planning for yourself or waiting for someone to?

7 Lessons every employee should learn from Covid-19: You are responsible for yourself.

For certain reasons, I want to call these lessons, courses. Tutor? Covid-19. And they are free courses. But not everyone might attend the classes.

I have given more thoughts to work recently than other times.

I’ve also worked more – outside the office than any other time.

I read a story of how an employee was told that at 5pm of the day she was called that she will be off employment.

The person in question got the call from the director and these are few lines from the conversation:

“She said we are actually – have to d away with your position altogether because, you know, we do – we want to make sure that if something like this ever happens again that we will be prepared and being able to just work with the people that we have to…”

The truth is that even when it happens again, there will still be lay offs.

In the same line, another employee, who was laid off, was asked the question, “… how are you getting by right now?”

Her response?

You know, fortunately – and I got to say I’m thankful that I’ve – you know, I was able to have a little bit of savings – not a ton. But that’s mostly what I’ve been living off of here in I guess what’s been a couple of months.”

Can you see that?

Government too can’t help you fully. They are like you and I in so many ways. We know of corruption and all of that but they are like us in many ways.

What’s the the writing on the wall?

Covid-19 says, take responsibility for your life.

Don’t rely on jobs any more even after this lockdown. Get your feet up and your brains open.

Do something apart from having a job.


(Stories from https://npr.org/)

Being an entrepreneurial employee.

Most employees are scared of the word entrepreneurship. And I understand. But the truth is that you can be entrepreneurial without having a business-business.

Each time I talk with fellow employees, there’s a view they have for the word, entrepreneurship.

It feels like it’s for the great and might. Strong and gallant. Fearless and limitless.

They don’t think they can. They don’t even try.

While I understand that thrill, because I use to be there, can I tell you that you don’t have to own businesses to show that you are entrepreneurial. You don’t have to.

If you have a job, enjoy it.

But you can also try out things. Try out your ideas. Stop thinking you’ll fail even before trying.


Summarizing this, whether you have a job or you’re fired or whatever, try something.

Read yesterday’s post so you can understand this better.

Surviving Post-Covid-19: The gold in being FIRED.

Today, I’ll give you seven sites you should read if you’re fired from your job.

I’ll hold it here.

Remember, job loss in the covid-19 era shouldn’t end your life.

No way.

Rather, it should start a new phase for you.

Who told you, you can’t survive without a job?

I was having a nice time this afternoon when I was struck by a thought.

I saw myself being afraid.

Of what?

I was asking myself, “How will you survive in this pandemic?”


I’ve been off work and off salary for close to two months now.

But guess what?

I’ve done more projects than I’ve done in the last one year.

I also earned some cool cash.

While I still look forward to going back to the office, I can’t allow that dictate my life again.


Now, why do so many people depend on employment?

They have not been taught to trust their thoughts and ideas.

They don’t believe in what they can do. They don’t believe they can create things by themselves, take it to the market and sell it at any prize they want to.

They don’t.

So, they wallow in insecurity of jobs. They are afraid of trying things.

It’s terrible.

So terrible I must confess.

That same question my head asked me is the same question the heads of many ask them. Yet, they run from trying things by themselves while cleaving to a job.


Imaceleb GIF by I'm A Celebrity - Find & Share on GIPHY

A job is the safest place for them.

I’ll end with this.

A friend of mine just told me few minutes ago, that a friend was laid off. And in their conversation, the friend that was laid off was saying that he’ll not get another job.

He wants to build a business.

He was pained that he worked in an organization for about 4 years and was asked to go with nothing.

No settlement.

Just like that.

Who told you you cannot survive without a job? Who?

Friday Book Review with Chuks | Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe.

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and grow their growth.

Myles Munroe

I’ve been so busy that I’ve not posted on my blog for days. I really want to post and then backdate it, but I’ve told myself that I will not.


So that you can see my process too. It’s tough. It’s not easy.

However, progress is the name not perfection. This is not an excuse for my slacking, but I hope you learn too.

Here are ten things you can do in crisis that I got from the book: Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe.


What you see as crisis, God sees as opportunity an opportunity for growth.

Myles Munroe

1. Initiate Solution

Don’t wait for things to change. Become proactive and change things, even in this covid-19 crisis.

2. Place Demand on your Potential

My personal experience: I just did my first Instagram live training few hours ago. and guess what? In used Instagram live for the first time, last night.

See the picture:

3. Test the creativity of your team

As an employee, this can mean your colleagues or master mind group. Try something with them. Run a test on an idea.

4. Believe in your ability to solve problems

For me, this should come first. If you don’t believe you can solve problems, you’ll do nothing. Covid-19 has paralysed so many in their minds. But don’t allow it.

5. Look at what you have not what you don’t have

I hope someone hears this!

What do you have? Your smartphone? A house? A laptop? WiFi? Data?

6. Study what you have

When you do this, you’ll see the value in what you have. We undermine what we have because we’ve not studied it.

7. Look for the potential of your resources

This will happen as you do number 6. Trust me, it will.

8. See beyond the norm

Don’t limit yourself.

Think about doing what you’ve not done before just like what I did with Instagram live. Use the Nike style: Just Do It!

9. Understand the true nature of your resources

From the book, Myles said that some of our resources are physical while the others are intangible. Get to know the difference and utilise them.

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10. Act on faith

Now don’t sit their and just read and open another tab. Take a decision now and do something. Start that book.

This is the most important part.


And now is the right time to.

Don’t waste covid-19. Please don’t.

And remember to stay safe.

Africa and the Future of Work | Employment is not guaranteed anymore.

What a feeling and negative chill I had a few days ago. I was at home when I heard my neighbor, working at one of the malls in Nigeria saying that a friend of hers had a job offer to work with a bank. She accepted it. But prior to this pandemic, she rejected all the places they posted her to.

Finally, when it was time to resume work where she agreed on, the pandemic struck. We don’t know yet if she has the job.

Another scenario happened when I went to eat after work on Thursday.

At the restaurant, I heard a customer talking with the food vendor that her sister working in a mall is kind of happy that her job is secure.

While others are crying that they are losing their jobs, she is so relaxed and enjoying herself.

Now, this is retail work that’s not exciting for a normal person and here is someone happy she has hers.


Thirdly, I saw this online:

… on thecable.ng. I was shocked, but then, it’s a huge and deep teacher.

What’s the lesson?

No industry is safe and employment is not guaranteed anymore.

I know there are industries like food industry and health industry that look recession proof. Yet, it’s not a guarantee as sure as 100% any more.

Anyone can lose his or her job at any time. The economy is not suffering. The effects of our behavior are what the economy is revealing.

So, some will suffer while some enjoy.

Life’s not fair someone will say. But that’s the world you’re in.

Your saving grace as an employee?

You should be your number one investment. Invest in yourself. Find the solution you can offer and be a master at it.

Then, be aware of the trends in that field. Serve with your eyes open. Don’t be blind. I’ll say it this way:

Master your craft and master the trends.

With this, you can scale through some of the most difficult times coming our way.

We still hope and pray that things get easier, as employees, after this covid-19 experience. Until then, I’ll leave you with Jim Rohn’s words:

Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.

Embrace the fear of making mistakes.

Some of us don’t move because we’re scared of making mistakes.

Can I ask you this?

Do you know that if you hadn’t made mistakes up to this point, you wouldn’t have known certain things you know?

Now, take a look at a list of typos on CNN’s page.

That’s appalling, right?

Yet, they are still amongst the top 5 destinations for global news.


If you’re afraid to make mistakes then you’re not ready to make successes. You’re not.

See my examples.

I planned a SmartPhone Graphic Designing training and these were my first designs.

That’s April for a May training. OMG!

I shouted after throwing stunts on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

So, I changed it to this.

And this:

And then I spoke with a friend who told me to postpone it till next week so we can cover more grounds.

I did and came up with these… 😀

Funny right?

But I’ll have the training.

That’s life.

And I want you to take a step now. Don’t wait until everything is ready. Try that project. Take the risk. You don’t have forever.

Try it and make the mistake.

That also reminds me, if you’re interested in this training, register with this WhatsApp link:


But more importantly, embrace mistakes.