How Can Conferences and Trainings I Attend Affect my Personal Development?

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I attended a meeting in Lagos, CM2014. It’s an annual Easter Retreat organized by Dominion City Worldwide in collaboration with Golden Heart Foundation, founded by Dr. David Ogbueli, for anyone who wants to experience real life transformation.

I think the 2020 version will be held from 10th till 12th April, in Abuja, Enugu and Lagos respectively. My first encounter with that event, has been instrumental in the direction of my career.

Amongst other reasons for this transformation, the top for me is this: I came out with a personal action plan which I started off few weeks after the conference. And since then, my life has taken a firm direction.

Still in line with this, I can remember a post I wrote titled Does Motivational Books and Stories Really Work? and the premise of that was the way most of us think about motivational books.

I’ve heard folks criticize authors and say all manner of things about them yet I’ve seen those who have profited from these same books – myself inclusive.

So what’s the jinx?

Well, same thing with conferences. A lot of us, as employees, will be attending so many this year. In particular, the World Economic Forum, 2020 is coming up and the world is getting ready to be there.

Perhaps, yours might be other events. But the question is: Why do we attend meetings and results don’t show up in our lives? Why?… Year in, year out?

This is the truth of the whole matter… From personal observations…

The speakers inspire us 100% but once the program is over, that power to inspire us begins to reduce.

Thus, the question:

How can I retain that inspiration until I get results?
Like I said earlier, the inspiration vibe dies down with time but personal observation makes me assert these:

1). If You Have A Plan Before Leaving The Conference, You’re Able To Access 30% Of The Inspiration To Move.

This is so real to me. I’ve tried it. I’ve seen it. In fact, after service yesterday, my Pastor told us to do this same thing as we were asked to write out something that we’ll focus on for the week.

I’ve also overheard my boss saying something like this: I don’t write down what the speaker says during a meeting. I only give attention to what what he’s saying is inspiring me to do.

That’s the point!

2). If You Have A Video, You Have 20% Of The Inspiration.

If you’ve gone for training sessions for employees or other kinds, you’ll see folks record with their phones and take home or if the organizers have a good media team, you’ll be lucky to get the video.

However, it’s 20% you will have. It’s not as bad as having nothing though.

For several events, which I didn’t attend, I take the video and I just get to move on each time I listen to it. I use the YouTube site to download personal development videos but I’ve seen a distinction between videos and audios.. And that will lead me to the next.

3). Audio Gives Us 15%

Trying to conserve data, I’ve had times when I downloaded YouTube videos as audio. And after a while, I regretted doing that. I felt it would have been better to get the video than the audio.

Have you experienced that before?

Currently, once I see a video I need for my personal development, I get it. I don’t really do the audio thing. However, because of mobile space, I convert to audio in my phone then leave the video in my PC.

But when it’s an important video, I leave it in my phone.

Thanks to YouTube offline video option, where you can see a video offline after downloading into your phone.

4). Just Notes Is 10%…

Here lies the majority… Although, not in all cases. I wonder how some persons go for important meetings without notes. Thanks to evernote app.

Writing alone gives us access to 10% inspiration. Yes, 10%. If you harness it and make a decision with a plan, you will gain more than 10%.

5). Imaginations Of The Conference Is Very Volatile… But It Stays At Less Than 10%.

Remember, it’s my personal observation. While this might be less that 10%, if mixed with any of the above, the result can be dramatic.

In fact, anyone who has the emotional energy of an event has the event. Yet, how I wish emotions alone can produce tremendous results. Personal development is beyond emotions.

Events don’t really change us. “They” give us the opportunity to change. What we do after the event is what brings about the change we need.

What conferences will you be going for in 2020? Or which have you gone for already?

We can use this formulae:

Hear. Meditate. Decide. Plan. Act.

Next time you attend a conference, don’t just listen. Make decisions and plan. Or at best, get the video if you think the conference is worth it.

The more of these you combine as an employee, the greater the changes you’ll experience.

Lastly, remember that building a personal brand as an employee, cannot be wished into us. It has to be built deliberately.

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